Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio

Sustainability Report

FIGC Sustainability Report

The FIGC’s Social Report is a document which illustrates in a detailed and transparent manner the identity, mission and activities at an organisation which impacts on the country in every way. 

The document is on its third edition and has the task of communicating to the outside the value produced by FIGC activity with detailed analysis and auditing of the results achieved.

According to the GRI’s (Global Reporting Initiative)  standard of 3.1, the report contains two years of audits, transparently describing in detail activities from 2013 and 2014. Grassroots development, youth activity and the valuation of culture, history and technical heritage. For the sake of transparency, data was also published on human resources, environmental responsibilities and capital with reclassified statements published.

Sustainability Report 2014 (english version) click here

To download the 2012 FIGC Sustainability Report (english version) click here

To download the 2013 FIGC Sustainability Report (english version) click here