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What is football?
Football is the most popular sport in the world; it’s fun and helps you make new friends. Its flexibility accommodates your personal needs and allows you to play the way you like the most. Be it five-a-side or 11 v 11, it’s your choice.
Football is a sport where individual skills are very important; it gives a personal and unique feeling to whoever plays it. Being part of a team will help you develop and grow both on and off the pitch. Seek out the player inside you and play with us!

Can I play?
Football is a sport for everyone. Better said, it’s everyone’s sport: The only skills required to play football are running, kicking and a lot of …passion!  If you’re not sure that playing football is something you could do, there are many other ways to enjoy this sport and make new friends. You can choose to become a coach, a referee, a manager or a volunteer: Find out which role suits you best!

Will it be healthy for me? (Reply from Dr. Alessandro Carcangiu – Medical Staff of the Women’s national team)
Football is a complete sport. It possesses all the qualities and benefits typical of team sports. Football maintains its main feature of essentially being a game that people play with the aim of developing athletic skills, whilst keeping its “recreational feature”.
Football facilitates the development of the vital organs, the heart, the circulatory system and the lungs, which supply the energy needed for a sustained muscular effort. In addition, football aids the improvement of the musculoskeletal system.
Training and playing football have also an educational effect on personality. As a matter of fact, taking part in sport provides both a physiological and a psychological benefit for young girls; it is also helpful to learn and respect the laws of the game, and to develop a sense of collaboration. In addition, football prevents obesity and improves motor coordination. 
Recent studies have also pointed out how football helps young girls’ bone structure development: women who play football are not affected as often as men by growing pains.
As in all contact sports, there is a risk of injury.