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The Income Statement of The Italian Football

The Income Statement of The Italian Football

It’s an innovative study into the world of football, a report which presents the economic figures of the game. It’s the first edition of the Income Statement Into Italian Football which was presented this morning at the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian Parliament. For the first time, the FIGC is promoting a unique initiative. It’s not simply a glance at the data surrounding professional football which involves 1.5 million people, but rather an exhaustive analysis which considers amateur and grassroots football along with the economic information pertaining to the FIGC and the leagues.

The aim of the report which was developed in collaboration with Deloitte, thanks to the support of the Department for Finance at the Economics and Finance Ministry and the official statistics agency ISTAT. It determines the economic value of Italian football by looking at the overall output, costs and value created by the sector with analysis of the Federations, leagues, professional and amateur clubs involved in different disciplines (11 a side football, 5 a side football and beach soccer), both male or female.

The analysis compares the total economic data, variable averages and qualitative research into the considerable numbers involved in sporting activity with the Federation having a registered number of 1.4 million members with 600,000 official matches organised yearly.

• 2016 (English version)

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