Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio

Integrated Report

Integrated Report 2015

Aware of its central role and the values it represents in Italy and abroad, the FIGC has decided for the first time to publish the Integrated Report (data refers to 2015). It was created in collaboration with PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) with the aim of expressing the value produced by  the association’s activities to the outside, with the theme of sustainability having been eagerly pursued since 2011.
The FIGC are one of the first sporting organisations to adopt the Integrated Report model. It is a tool which is designed to reinforce the aim of social responsibility based on transparency and characterised by accurate information for the benefit of all stakeholders.
The document follows on from the three previous FIGC Social Reports (four years of audits). It illuminates the key strategic programmes of the federation and their potential, with a particular focus on internal efficiency, sustainability and transparency. It also addresses sporting development and the youth section with activities relevant to professional football, facilities and the revision of norms and regulations. Furthermore, the integrated report also analyses the FIGC’s international development processes and its social work, while also prioritising the historic home and culture of Italian football.
Report (Italian)
Report (English)