Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio



The First Italian Championship

Football was imported from England, but was already popular in Italy. Its popularity spread quickly, but the first championships on a national scale did not take place until 1913, even if divided into two groups: the northern one and the southern one.
For the record Pro Vercelli won the title, beating Lazio in the final with a score that was more fitting for a tennis match (6-0).

But it was not just a sporting phenomenon: football entered into the social fabric of the country, fueling passions, and becoming the source of heated arguments and great discussions.

As always, a major victory was needed to create a moment of unity and solidarity.

Football found itself united around the Blue shirt: the Italian National Team made its debut on the 15th May 1910 in the Milan Arena and the success against France (6-2) consolidated the enthusiasm of the fans and the enthusiasts throughout the country.

Unfortunately, the Great War paralysed activities from 1916 to 1919 and the recovery was naturally difficult, and made even more problematic by the gaps created by the conflict both amongst the officials and the players. 

Once this sad and painful phase had been overcome, while the Country got slowly back on its feet, football exploded, encouraged by the desire for redemption and a new start in which sport played an essential role.