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South Africa 2010

Pretoria 15/06/2010

Sciatic nerve blocks Buffon: no hint as to his return

Sciatic nerve blocks Buffon: no hint as to his return

““Buffon has a strong inflammation of the left sciatic nerve. He will immediately start medical therapy and physical therapy, in addition to undergoing instrumental exams. At the moment, we cannot say when he will return since we need to check his clinical condition”: this is what the head of the medical staff of the National team, Prof. Castellacci, had to say about the goalkeeper the day after the match against Paraguay.
Being injured in the warm-up before the match, Buffon took the field but had to give his spot up to the Cagliari goalkeeper Marchetti in the second half. This is not good news for Lippi: the physician did not say when the goalkeeper might return to the field, but will evaluate his condition day by day.

Abete: “I liked the motivation and group spirit shown by Italy”

“Nineteen million spectators for the National team is a lot. It is a great satisfaction, because it shows the National unity represented by the National team and the football appeal that is so important. This is definitely a primary value”: with a bit of pride, the FIGC president, Giancarlo Abete, commented with journalists at casa Azzurri on the record data of viewers recorded by RAI, a figure that increases to 21 million if the Sky data is added. “The World Cup is a chance to discover other countries – continued the president – and the beauty of diversity. For examples, before the match yesterday, I studied Paraguay. As far as the match yesterday is concerned, I liked the motivation, the desire to do and the group spirit. The fact that we have a team that showed these qualities is something I think was appreciated. Of course, we have to grow in terms of quality, depth, scoring occasions and goals”.
The federal president ended the political controversy at both an Italian and FIFA level. “A sports executive does not care about political controversy – he said. As far as FIFA is concerned, on the other hand, apart from being considered or not, what is important is what we think of ourselves: we are fifth at a world level and we are the second National team in terms of titles won. Then, there was a situation that we identified and evaluated, but now we only have to think about playing football. We are in a World Cup, not a political debate. We have cleared up the matter, we will discuss it later, but since there are three matches every day, we have to go back and talk about what happens on the field”.