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Roma 31/05/2017

Swisse signs partnership with Federcalcio

Swisse signs partnership with Federcalcio

Football has always been a means of emotional investment for millions of Italians and the National Team has provided them with a way to come together. From this summer onwards, Swisse will join forces with the Azzurri and act as their official vitamin supplier following a partnership signed with the FIGC. This collaboration will support the Azzurri athletes as they complete their different footballing activities; whether that be training, playing in a match or simply recovering after a hard performance. 

“Prior to the World Cup qualifying games that lie ahead for our National Team,” said Federcalcio President Carlo Tavecchio. “We are happy to start a new partnership with Swisse. A dynamic brand that is well known to the sporting world, they share our passion for football, as well as a desire to promote the daily principles of health and the completion of regular sporting activity.” 
“We are really proud to announce that the Italian National Team has chosen Swisse as one of its official vitamin suppliers,” said Sami Kahale, President and General Manager of P&G Southern Europe. “It’s a clear sign of trust towards a brand that has excelled over the last 12 months.”