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Roma 11/05/2018

Second Teams set to enter Serie C starting from the 2018/19 season

Second Teams set to enter Serie C starting from the 2018/19 season

With the aim of benefitting young players eligible for the national teams and in order to help all of Italian football develop, the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio has confirmed that B teams will be able to enter Serie C from the 2018/19 season. Following analysis of the situation across Europe where it was concluded that players in the top leagues develop faster through gaining experience in B teams, Italy will also adopt a development programme with second teams of Serie A clubs able to join the eventual total of 60 clubs in Lega Pro. 

"It’s a reform that Italian football needed in order to align itself with and close the gap to other countries in Europe," said FIGC Vice-Commissioner Alessandro Costacurta. "It will allow lots of young people to develop and mature in our leagues and for the Italy Youth Teams, starting with the Under-21s." 


Should a team drop out from the 2018/2019 Serie C season, the priority for inserting a new team will be as follows: A second side from Serie A, a club relegated from Serie C followed by a club who competed in an interregional league. Further information on the selection criteria which is still to be fully defined will be published in due course. 

Promotion Rules 

A second team starting from Serie C can be promoted to Serie B but it can never play in the same division as the first team, nor can it play in a higher division. In a situation where results mean that both the first and second team would be in the same division, the second team will have to play in the next professional league down. Should a second team be relegated to Serie D, the club cannot enter the amateur league and will instead be able to compete in the next Serie C season after entries from other second teams are sorted. Second teams of Serie A clubs cannot take part in the Coppa Italia while they can compete in the Coppa Italia Serie C. 

Squad Rules

Second teams can have a squad of 23 players, 19 of which must be born after 1st January 1996. At least 16 players in the matchday squad must have been in a club affiliated to the FIGC for at least seven seasons. Players can constantly switch between the first and second team to ensure that the squad and age limits are met but they will no longer be able to play for the second team after making five league appearances for the senior side.