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Coaching base at Coverciano named in honour of Ferruccio Valcareggi

As part of the celebrations for the FIGC’s 120th anniversary, the Federation wished to pay tribute to the champions of 1968, 50 years on from their extraordinary success. The coaching base at Coverciano for the Italy male and female teams has been named after the Head Coach from that era: Ferruccio Valcareggi. 

The decision was announced by FIGC Extroardinary Commissioner Roberto Fabbricini and the CEO Michele Uva at the presentation of the book ‘Soltanto col mio babbo sul tetto d’Europa' published by Absolutely Free and written by Furio Valcareggi, the son of the only Italy Coach to win the European Championship and the journalist Alberto Polverosi. Also present at the event were Mario Sconcerti, 1982 World Cup winner Giancarlo Antognoni and the former Azzurri players Giovanni Galli and Emanuele Giaccherini. 

The initiative will see various youth team coaches gather at the hub in Coverciano in alternating weeks. "In this way, they can approach matters, work, study and live with a greater sense of consistency in this place which is the home of Italian football. Mancini and Bertolini will also take part every now and then along with coaches from other disciplines. In the meantime, we wanted to offer the right recognition to a great character such as an unforgettable coach like Valcareggi." 

Along with Valcareggi, thoughts naturally also turned to the stars of that achievement, starting with Giancarlo De Sisti who was present at Covericano along with the relatives of Azzurri players of that age including Facchetti, Ferrini, Anquilletti and Rosato for a tour of the renovated Technical Centre and Football Museum. A commemorative shirt celebrating 120 years of history was presented. "That historic win was truly important for the future of the Italian National Team. After some dark years and the disappointment of the post-war period, Italy returned among the greats and played for the World Cup two years later in Mexico. Valcareggi’s team was the one that allowed Italy to hold its head up high once more. It was the team of the footballing and economic boom." 

"We’ve invited the guys from 1968 to Coverciano because this is the home of Italian football, they were led by a great man who was a coach of great technical substance who was able to involve a number of quality players without breaking the balance of the team."