24 Players Called July 5th 5 Italy-Malaysia

Roma 14/06/2013

While the city of Kazan in Russia is finishing to prepare for the 27th edition of the summer University Games, the players of the Italian National university team still have two days of vacation before going on the field.  On Monday, the 17th, in fact, preparation begins in Rome for the 24 players called today by the coach Valerio Bertotto.  This group is made up of players from the Lega Pro, all enrolled at the university, who will defend the colors of Italy, in group C together with Algeria, Malaysia and Great Britain.
The team debuts on July 5th against Malaysia, while on July 8th the National University team plays against Algeria and on the 10th against Great Britain.
Here is the list of players called:

Goalkeepers: Modesti (Martina Franca), Paleari (Tritium), Pavanello (Alessandria);
Defenders: Bruscagin (Latina), Carta (Aprilia), Rizzo (Fondi), Masi (Unione Venezia), Brighi (Rimini), Fabbri (Santarcangelo), Gizzi (L’Aquila), Tundo (Martina Franca);
Midfielders: Burato (Treviso), Degeri (Cremonese), Settembrini (Poggibonsi), Corti (Tritium), Marfisi (Aprilia), Masini (Giacomense), Marcotullio (L’Aquila);
Forwards: Vagenin (Salernitana), Muratori (Juventus Fano), Miracoli (Feralpi Salò), Ricci (Salernitana), Parodi (Pavia).

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