Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio


Technical Sector

This Centre is the headquarters of the Technical Sector, part of the F.I.G.C., that carries out teaching, training, qualification, organization and refresher courses for technical staff authorized to work in the field of the federation organization.

It also organizes courses of a educational nature for young footballers, it carries out studies and research in a special structure and it co-ordinates medical activities within the F.I.G.C. as well as being the habitual retreat for the national teams and the various representatives.

The concept that inspired the construction of the Technical Centre was that of building an facility that would meet national football's multiple technical and sporting needs.

It should be pointed out, however, that after an initial period in which many sports used the centre for training, the Coverciano Centre's attention gradually turned to mainly concentrate on football. All the national representatives have always found space for their gatherings, for selections and for training in Coverciano.

The National A team, the Under 21 team, the Under 15,16,17 and 18 teams, both from the Professionals League and the C League, the National Military team, the National Five-a-side Football team, and the National Women's team have stayed at Coverciano many times. It was for this reason that it was rebaptized as "Casa Italia".

Since its inauguration day, Coverciano has been the headquarters for the F.I.G.C. Technical Sector: the 35,000 Italian technical staff of all kinds and levels whose training and professional up-dating is taken care of by the Sector, are organized within this Centre.

First, second and third category courses are organized and, also, courses for fitness trainers, sports managers, and specialized youth work technicians, in collaboration with the F.I.G.C. Youth Sector.

Coverciano also acts as a reference point for all peripheral teaching activities organized with the collaboration of the L.N.D. and S.G.S.'s various Regional Committees.