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Euro Playoff. Di Biagio to fans in Reggio Emilia: “We need your support”

“We expect your support, we will do everything possible to reach the final phase”:  Luigi DiBiagio asked the fans to help the team in light of the match against Slovakia scheduled on Tuesday, October 14th, at the  ‘Mapei Stadium-Città del Tricolore’ in Reggio Emilia. On October 10th, the team will be in Zlaté Moravce for the first match and four days later they will play the return match of the final phase of qualifications for the European Championships.  Tomorrow the coach will release the names of the players called: “We want to make a good impression in such a high level facility – said Di Biagio during the press confeference organized in the Red Room of the City Hall of Reggio Emilia – a stadium that brought us luck last November against North Ireland (3-0 for Italy).  We hope to play good football, entertain fans and advance to the next round”. House honors were carried out by mayor Luca Vecchi: “I wish to thank the FIGC for choosing reggio Emilia for this important international event.  We are very pleased to have undertaken this path with the FIGC and we hope that we can bring other national teams here to play”.  Ikn the conference, with the managing director and general manager of Sassuolo Calcio, Giovanni Carnevali, the vice-general manager Francesca Sanzone brough greetings from the FIGC: “We are pleased and proud to being the National Under 21 team back here after a year to the Mapei Stadium – she underlined.  The city of reggio Emilia can be our twelfth man on the field for very important match that can mean access to the Final Phase of the Euro Championships and continue to hope for a spot in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio”.  Il programma Domenica 5 ottobre Raduno entro le ore 22.30 presso il  “Mancini Park Hotel”  - ROMA  Lunedì 6 ottobre ore 10.00 -  allenamento presso il Mancini Hotel (chiuso) ore 17.30 -  allenamento presso Mancini Hotel (chiuso) Martedì 7 ottobre ore 10.00 -  allenamento presso il Mancini Hotel (chiuso) ore 13.00 -  incontro con la Stampa (calciatori) ore 17.30 -  allenamento presso il Mancini Hotel (aperto Stampa) Mercoledì 8 ottobre ore 10.00 -  allenamento presso il Mancini Hotel (chiuso) ore 16.20 -  partenza volo AZ 190 Roma Fco/Vienna e trasferimento presso Hotel “Mikado” –  Nitra (Slovacchia)                     Giovedì 9 ottobre ore 13.30 -  incontro con la Stampa (il Tecnico) ore 17.00 -  allenamento MD -1 presso Stadio “FC ViOn” -  Zlate Moravce (aperto alla Stampa i primi 15 min.) Venerdì 10 ottobre   ore 17.00 -  gara SLOVACCHIA-ITALIA Under 21 presso il “FC ViOn Stadion” – Zlate Moravce. Al termine della gara incontro con la Stampa  Sabato  11 ottobre  ore 10.30 -   allenamento presso F.C. Stadion di Nitra (chiuso)          ore 18.05 -   partenza volo  Air Berlin Vienna/Firenze e trasferimento presso CTF di Coverciano Domenica 12 ottobre ore 17.00 -  allenamento presso CTF di Coverciano (aperto Stampa) Lunedì 13 ottobre ore 10.45 -  treno AV  Firenze/Reggio Emilia e trasferimento presso Hotel “Dei Medaglioni” -  Correggio (RE)  ore 13.30 -  incontro con la Stampa (il Tecnico) ore 18.00 -  allenamento MD -1 presso Stadio “Mapei – Città del Tricolore” – RE (aperto Stampa i primi 15 min.) Martedì 14 ottobre ore 16.00 - gara ITALIA-SLOVACCHIA Under 21 presso lo Stadio “Mapei – Città del Tricolore” - RE                Al termine della gara incontro con la Stampa, scioglimento del raduno e rientro di atleti e staff presso le rispettive sedi.    

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Euro Qual: Saturday Conte calls players for matches vs Azerbaijan and Malta

Double appointment with the 2016 EURO qualifications for the National team coached by Antonio Conte who, dopo the win in the debut match against Norway, faces on Friday, October 10th, Azerbaijan in Palermo and three days later will be in Ta’qali to play against Malta. On Saturday, October 4th, the head coach will release the list of players called for the two matches, with training set late in the evening on Sunday at the Technical Federal Center in Coverciano.  The team leaves on Thursday, October 9th for Palermo, where on the next day they play against Azerbaijan.  At the end of the match, the team remains in Palermo and on Saturday, October 11th and Sunday, October 12th, they train at the “R. Barbera” stadium before going to Malta. The program Sabato 4 October 20.30 ca        Players called Sunday, 5 October h. 24.00        Training in Coverciano Monday 6 October  h. 10.30    Training (open to the press – entrance at 11.30) press conference with head coach  h. 17.00     Training  (closed to the press) Tuesday  7 October  h. 10.30        Training  (closed to the press) h. 15.30         Press conference (Players) h. 17.00         Training  (open to the press for first  20’) Wednesday 8 October h. 10.30        Training  (closed to the press) h. 15.30        Press conference (Players) h. 17.00        Training  (open to the press for first  20’)           Thursday 9 October h. 10.30        Training  (closed to the press)          h. 16.00        Charter flight from Florence to  Palermo h. 17.20        Arrival inPalermo, transfer to “R. Barbera” stadium h. 18.00        Training at  “R. Barbera” (open to the public) press conference (Head coach and 1 players) Friday 10 October h. 11.00        Training at  “R.Barbera” (closed to the press ) h. 20.45        UEFA EQ match: ITALY - AZERBAIJAN Press activities               Saturday 11 October  h. 11.00        Training at  “R.Barbera” (closed to the press ) h. 15.00        Press: medical situation  (Prof. Castellacci) c/o Stadio “R.Barbera”                      Sunday 12 October  morning        Training at  “R.Barbera” (closed to the press ) afternoon     Departure from Palermo to Malta; transfer to “National Stadium” in Ta’qali h. 19.00        Training  c/o “National stadium” (open to the press for first 15’) h. 20.20        Press conference (Head coach and 1 player)            Monday 13 October         h. 20.45        UEFA EQ match: MALTA-ITALY Press activities h. 00.45        Rientro in Italia  

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