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Task Force Viminale: more formations and computer tools for stewards

New procedures for forming stewards, with the possible use of computer tools and rewards mechanisms to highlight the professionalism, keeping always in mind the protection of the operators.  These are some of the issues that were faced during the meeting on stewarding held today at the Superiore Police School.  At the meeting, led by Police Chief Vincenzo Panico, there was  Francesco Soro for CONI, the general manager of the FIGC, Antonello Valentini, the general manager of the B League, Paolo Bedin, in addition to representative of 30 formation companies relative to stewarding and the safety delegates of the A league, accompanied by the executives of Via Rosellini.  The objective – as was said in a press release from the Viminale – is to create conditions for a higher qualification of this role that carries out auxiliary tasks with regards to those of the Police Force, above all, through better formation paths.  This is one of the phases of the measures approved by the Task Force for the safety during sports events, created by Minister Alfano on December 5, 2013.   Among the issues on the agenda, “the new formation procedures of stewards which – continues the note – is inspired by the possibility of use of technologies, even to protect the operators, reward mechanisms for those deserving it and, in brief, the creation of professional high quality profiles that can create the condition to overcome the current problem regarding “underpaid stewards”.  The 30 formation companies present out of 60, surviving the suspensions of the 70 associations that are not compliant with the norms, “contributed to the drawing up of the manuals that can represent the guidelines at a national level for both formation and use of stewards”. 

National Futsal team

Futsal Camp in Lanciano. Tonelli: “Our present belongs to youth”

“I would like to say just a few words to our youth: keep moving ahead.  In sports as in life.  It's not true that the future belongs to our youth:  the present belongs to them.  We need this presence not only in Futsal or in sports, but above all, in life in generral”:  this is what the psident of the Futsal Division, Fabrizio Tonelli had to say at the press conference held today to present the Futsal Camp, at the Palazzo Municipale in Lanciano.  A one-week camp – that ends on July 12th – with the coaches of the National Italian Futsal team, organized by the Youth and Scholastic Sector of the FIGC in collaboration with the Futsal Division.  The camp is for the best young players of the Allievi and Giovanissimi Divisions, chosen during the Region Tournament in Vasto, the national club finals in Cercola and Aversa and during the league season.  The final objective of the Futsal Camp is to follow the technical development of the young players during the seasons that follow the Futsal school, thanks to the collaboration with the National Italian team coaches and the coaches of the Representative teams and the national and regional clubs.  In this way, we have created a link among the regional and National futsal activities, trying to create a “bridge” that gives all Italian clubs the possibility – even those belonging to the youth futsal sector -to train and technically develop a player until a possible call on the National team. 


Cervellera and Di Bello promoted to Can A. Nicchi opens to spray cans: “They work”

Angelo Cervellera, of the Taranto section and Marco Di Bello, of the Brindisi section, are the two referees promoted from the Can B to the Can A: This was the information given today during the press conference held as usual in the FIGC offices at the end of the meeting of the National Committee of the Italian Referee Association for the approval of the new staff for next season. Mauro Bergonzi and Andrea De Marco are the two referees dismissed from the Can A for seniority limits, along with assistants Iannello, Liberti, Grilli and Giachero. Promoted to Can A assistants Fiorito, Gava, Pegorin, Ranghetti and Tegoni. “This was an intense and busy year – said the AIA president Marcello Nicchi during the press conference – a lot of good work has been done and the results were very good, in some cases even excellent. Now people are talking about ‘cantera’ (young talent). Not only do we have a “cantera” of referees, but also a high profile executive “cantera”. After having talked about the 580 thousand matches referees in the past season for a total of 1 million, 450 thousand designations, Nicchi underlined the fact that he is not in favor of instant replays on the field and is in favor of the eventual use of a spray can to respect the distances of the barrier during free kicks: “AIA is not against innovation and technology, we put into practice the rules and regulations that already exist. I had expresses my doubts about the spray can – said Nicchi – but I have to admit that it is working in the World Cup. And things that work must be kept in consideration. We are thinking about making it a part of our league season if the Federation and Leagues ask us to”. The National Committee meeting is scheduled for Frioday to appoint the new heads and members of the National and regional technical organs, with Stefano Braschi no longer Can A designator: “I think I am leaving a good job behind me – he said – the league season went well and the group is a tight-knit one. I am sure that whoever takes my place will know how to do even better”.