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National Women's Futsal team

First training sessions for the Azzurre in Novarello: Work in the gym and training game

The Women’s Futsal National Team are having their second day at the Novarello sports centre. Roberto Menichelli led their first training session yesterday: The players spent the afternoon in the gym and then worked on ball possession and shooting. The three goalkeepers trained with goalkeeping coach Mauro Ceteroni, and then joined the outfield players for a 6-a-side game. Two training sessions are scheduled for today: Fans can attend the second one, which takes place in the afternoon (15:45 CET).    Only players from the Women’s Serie A Group A are taking part in this camp, while players from Group C and B will participate in the two following camps, which are scheduled for the 3rd and 4th February at the PalaWojtyla in Martina Franca and for the 3rd and 4th March (location to be decided) respectively.   The squad:   Goalkeepers: Chiara Anselmo (Torino Futsal), Lara Brugnoni (Isolotto Firenze C5), Valentina Zacchetti (Kick Off);   Outfield Players: Federica Belli (Kick Off), Giorgia Benetti (Futsal Breganze), Silvia Bompan (Sporteam United), Elena Cassanelli (Decima Sport Camp), Anna Congiu (Elmas), Ludovica Coppari (Ternana Ibl Banca), Licia Dall’Olmo (Thienese), Carla Maria Duco (Isolotto Firenze C5), Jessica Exana (Ternana Ibl Banca), Petra Fanti (Sinnai), Giulia Ferrandi (Lupe), Jessica Ferri (Torino Futsal), Roberta Maione (Isolotto Firenze C5), Martina Moselli (Plavan Robbio), Caroline Pesenti (Kick Off), Chiara Piovan (Psn Padova Sport), Gloria Prando (Futsal Breganze), Aida Xhaxho (Isolotto Firenze C5).

Current Affairs

Conte works for the future of Italian football: Italy’s Head Coach led a U15s training session for the first time

It had never happened before: Italy’s Head Coach took a U15 training session yesterday. The senior coach had never previously taken an Azzurrini training session. The event took place at the Federal Centre in Coverciano. Antonio Conte showed his trademark determination, passion and professionalism. 32 players, the most talented ones born in 2000, had the opportunity to train for over one hour. The session was more intense than anything seen at this level before. Conte considers the trait to be indispensable. The coaches of the Italian national teams (Club Italia), the academy managers at Serie A and B clubs, the U17s and U19s coaches and fitness managers of Serie A and B clubs were joined at the event by the technical managers of the Lega Pro and Lega Nazionale Dilettanti teams. The purpose of the session was to improve technique during dynamic phases of play, simulating one-on-ones and subjecting the players to high intensity work. Carrying on work already started by Arrigo Sacchi, Antonio Conte dictated that all Club Italia youth sides play with the same tactical formation, with two forwards who play close to each other and two wingers who can engage in one-on-ones. After the event, the participants learned one thing, namely that it is necessary “to transmit the culture of work to the youngsters again.” Working on their ethic and determination to sacrifice themselves as well as improving the quantity and quality of training sessions is crucial to future improvements. “Through these exercises we want to improve technique during dynamic phases of play and invite our players to try one-on-ones, which is something that doesn’t happen that often. We want to train ball possession and control but also tactical skills too. We also need to improve the overall intensity of training sessions: I hope the participants have understood which exercises can help them reach those goals,” added Conte. “There are different models: we can also pick something from them, but sacrifice and determination have always been Italy’s main strengths”. It would be interesting to know what the 32 youngsters thought during the hard hour of training. But their faces after the session, while entering the changing room and shaking Antonio Conte’s hand, said it all: Satisfaction, emotion, pride. Italian football has to have faith in them and in their hard work. It’s crucial for a bright future.