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Euro Elite Phase: opponents of the National women's U19 and U17 teams drawn

Sweden, Austria and Serbia for the National Under 19 team, Germany, Czech Republic  and Belarus  for the National women's Under 17 team.  These are the opponents that our teams will fase in the Elite Phase of the European Championships.  The Under 19 women's team, qualified for the second phase with full points thanks to the wins against  Turkey, Kazakistan and Wales, was drawn in Group  2 and will be on the field on April  4th,  6th and 9th, in Serbia.  “Sweden is one of the best in Europe – said coach Corrado Corradini and it will be a very important test.  Serbia has grown, against Austria we have almost always won but it is another team that is imrpving.  In any case we can play at all levels and we have a good chance to pass the round.”  The six winners of the groups and the second best team with the best results against the first and third of the round will join Israel for the final phase, scheduled from July 15th to the 27th, 2015. A difficult draw fo the National Under 17 women's team which, after the historical bronze medal won in the World Cup in Costa Rica, easily passed the first phase after the wins against the Far Oer Islands, Greece and Norway.  The team will be in the same group as reigning champions Germany and will then host  Czech Republic  and Belarus that want to reach the final phase of the tournament for the first time in their footbal history.  “We will have to play against the strongest team in Europe and probably the best in the world – underlined coach Enrico Sbardella – that we played against last year in the semifinal of the European Championships losing 1-0.  They are very strong but we will go on the field humble and with the will to win.  On paper, they are stronger, but football is great because anything can happen in a match.  For the third straight year we will play against the Czech Republic in the Elite Phase, it is a team that is similar to ours and it will be a triple match, while with respect to Belarus we are a step above”:  The Elite Phase will be played in Italy: “On one side, it is an advantage – explained Sbardella – and I am sure that it will allow us to give visibility to the entire movement, but we mustn't forget that emotions at this age can always be difficult to handle”. The six winners of the groups and the second place team with the best results against the first and third of each group will join Iceland in the final phase, scheduled from June 22nd to July 4th, 2015.  The Elite Phase Groups of the women's Under 19 Group  1: Spain  , Finland , Portugal, Turkey  Group  2: Sweden , Italy, Austria, Serbia Group  3: France , Russia, Iceland, Romania Group  4: England , Switzerland , Norway , North Ireland Group  5: Germany , Belgium , Scotland , Ukraine Group  6: The Netherlands  (campione in carica), Denmark , Czech Republic , Slovenia Elite Phase Groups of the women's Under 17 Group  1: Finland , Switzerland , Turkey , Serbia Group  2: England , The Netherlands , Republic of Ireland , Hungary  Group  3: Germany  (reigning champion), Italy, Belarus , Czech Republic  Group  4: Spain , Belgium , Russia, Romania Group  5: Denmark , Austria, Sweden , Norway  Group  6: France , Scotland , Poland , Slovakia 

National Women's

World Cup playoff. Gabbiadini: “Fundamental for our movement”

The National women's team comes closer to the return playoff match that will see the team on Thursday at the  ‘Bentegodi’ stadium in Verona (8:30 pm, live RaiSport 1 – free entrance) play against The Netherlands.  This morning the team worked in the gym and in the afternoon will be on the field to have a training session.  Tomorrow at 5:00 pm the team will have a training session on the field of the ‘Bentegodi’ stadium in which Melania Gabbiadini is at home. Saturday in Aja the Verona forward, rewarded for having played more than one-hundred matches with the national team, scored a goal that could be decisive for the qualification:  “It was an important goal – she confirmed – that allowed us to record a positive result in the away match.  On Thursday we have to go on the field determined, trying to play a first half in the same way we played in Aja.  And then we hope to have an extra player in the fans in the stands”. After the two goals scored in the semifinal match against Ukraine and the score that alowed the National team to not lose the match against the Dutch team, Melania confirmed that how the Gabbiadini family has a particular feeling with goals: “I hope to score again, but I would be very happy if one of my teammates scored the qualifying goal – she said smiling – even if it were our goalkeeper.  The important thing is to go to the World Cup, I don't care how”.  In Verona she won't be alone and the most important persons in her life will be there to help win a ticket to Canada 2015:  “My family will be in the stands, they follow me everywere, along with my closest friends.  We know how imporant this match is for us and the entire movement.  We are serene and are working well, aware that in order to go to the World Cup we have to go on the field with the right dose of aggressiveness and the will to fight for each ball”.  

National Under 20

Tomorrow friendly vs France. Evani: “We want to make a good impression”

Last training session under the rain for the National Under 20 team, which at the “Ferdeghini” sports center was on the field to prepare for the friendly match against the new Under 21 team scheduled tomorrow at the  ‘Alberto Picco’ stadium in La Spezia (8:45 pm , free entrance).  "Our team – explainedcoach Alberico Evani in a press conference – will be an experimental national team, contrary to a French team that is more mature and with more experience.  We have reinforced the team with some players born in 1993, who could be on the Under 21 team, but together with them there are young boys born in 1994-1995 that have positive outlooks”.  Against France, on the field with various players born in 1992 who have a good internaitonal experience, the Italian team will be under the watchful eyes of the coach of the Under 21 team, Luigi Di Biagio, who will be in the stands to write down some names on a notepad in light of the Final Phase of the european Championships scheduled in June in the Czech Republic.  “This training camp – said Evani – is very imporant because it has given me the chance to know some interesting players who could be useful during the season.  I knew some of them from the Under 18 team, but I foudn them transformed, at a physical, tactical and experience level, more mature, with more personality”. The positive results obtained in these past few months by the youth teams give good hope for the future: “We – underlined the coach – are interested in growth of the team and of the players.  Since we are still not at the top in Italya, we are now beginning to see the results of important work done with the young players.  Some years ago, young players could not fine space, today, on the other hand,even with the economic crisis, the young players are playing more and are showing important qualities.  Our opponents play with almost all starterts, many in Champions League, but we know that we can go on the field and play well”.