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Tavecchio rewards World Cup referees: “Much respect for referees”

"We can no longer afford to make mistakes.  Each season has its problems, we have to take advantage of these two years of reform that football needs as much as this country does, but if we aren't able to work together, it will be difficult”  This is what the FIGC pesident, Carlo Tavecchio had to say in Coverciano during the usual meeting with the A and B CAN referees at the beginning of the league season.   The federal president rewarded the referees that directed the Brazilian World Cup final, giving a watch withthe FIGC logo and receiving from Nicola Rizzoli and his assistants, Andrea Stefani and Renato Faverani, one an autographed unfirom used by Rizzoli during the final between Germany and Argentina, a gift that Tavecchio will donate to the Football Museum in Coverciano.  The “Giovanni Mauro” award was then given to Luca Banti, as the best referee of the last season.   "I have a great deal of respect for referees – continued Tavecchio – I was one of the first to want them on the Federal Board.  The referees are the top judges during the ninety minutes of a match.  I hope that we continue to go in the direction of an Italy that has stadiums without barriers and that respects the referees, the tension of a system cannot be against one single person”.      The head of the FIGC, after wishing the Under 21 team good luck in the two matches decisive for the Euo play off qualifications with Serbia and Cyprus, spoke to the head coach, Antonio Conte, present in the room, togethe with team Manager Gabriele Oriali:  “I hope that you can bring our federation back to the levels it deserves, maybe you have even more responsibility than me.  The reforms must start from the base, invovling the federal youth centers icreating a scouting organization.  Today, the clubs rely only on their own organizations”.  The meeting with the referees and their president  Marcello Nicchi, and members of the AIA Naitonal Committee and heads of the National Technical Organs, saw the presence of some of the leading managers of football in Itay, including deputy vice-president of the FIGC and president of the A League, Maurizio Beretta, federal vice-president and president of the Lega Pro Mario Macalli, the AIC and AIAC president Damiano Tommasi and Renzo Ulivieri, general manager of the A League Marco Brunelli, the president of the B League Andera Abodi, deputy vice-president of the LND Alberto Mambelli, FIGC general Manager Antonello Valentini and the federal secretary, Antonio Di Sebastiano. "We have to join together and face a phase that is feeling the difficulty of Italian football – said Beretta.  Our world is always less willing to accept mistakes, the climate that surrounds us is not an easy one.  I want to send two messages:  first of all, we need  more attention, preparation and ability to explain what has been done.  And we need strong cohesion in our world”. “I widh the A and B referees – said the AIA president, Nicchi – a good season.  They are highly qualified, both technically and personally, just like our 35,000 referees that have no visibility.  Our referee world is free, independent, prepared and I am proud to present them to our federal president, who I hope will always be proud of them”. 

National A

Euro qual. Zaza and Bonucci lead Italy to its first win

We say “all well that starts well”. And the National team led by Antonio Conte starts off well in Oslo in its path towards Paris.  Italy is less briliant than it was in Bari, but this time it's not a friendly match and the prize at stake is too high to privilege plays rather than the result.  The win against Norway, thanks to the “revelation” Zaz and by Bonucci – one goal per half almost at the same minute (the first on 16' and the second on 17') – shows the character of a team which, in just a few days, has understood the right way to play.  First half played with determination by Italy which, after taking in the lessons of Conte, fight for each ball, wasting and granting very little to the opponents, so much so that Buffon has practically nothing to do.  Italy, which hasn't won in Norway since the times of Piola and Meazza, starts from the team that last Thursday, with the debut of Conte, won againstThe Netherlands in a friendly match in Bari, except for the return of Buffon in for Sirigu and Florenzi in for the disqualified Marchisio.  The offensive pair Zaza-Immobile was confirmed with lots of applause that it derserved as it got ready to repeat itself in front of a sold-out stadium.  In fact, sixteen minutes go by and the Sassulo forward gives Italy the go ahead goal, thanks to the deviation of the left calf of Johansen that surprises Nyland.  On 2' the team coached by Conte ha a chance to score with a cross from the right by Darmian that Zaza doesn't catch and on 13' with a shot by Florenzi blcoked by the Norwegian goalkeeper.  Less brilliant the Azzurri with respect to the team against The Netherlands, but the will to win accompanies every play, above all, those that start on the left touch where De Sciglio is freer that he imagined.  In the second half, Norway starts off better and forces Italy in its half of the field and Italy has a haard time.  On 16', Conte sends in Pasqual fo Darmian and on 17' he touches his first ball, a cross that was a real precise pass for the winning header by Bonucci.   Now 2-0, the Azzurri are more confident and push ahead with greater determination and in twenty minutes times they come close to scoring twice, always with Zaza:  unlucky when he hit the goalpost and Florenzi gets the rebound and sends a header blocked by Nyland, while in the second chance his soft lob finds a defender ready to save on the line.  Another two substitutions for Conte that opens up also to Destro and Poli, before the final whistle.  

National A

Conte: “In nine days we have done some important things”. Zaza: “A dream week”

“In nine days we have some very important things.  Of course, we have to improve, progress with the plays and above all, continue becoming familiar wih each other”:  after the win against The Netherlands, his first match as coach of the National team, Antonio Conte celebrates his debut in European with a win and is pleased.  A hug with Buffon, compliments for all and, above all, a chance to organize the future with more calm. “It was not easy – continued the head coach – we haven't won in norway for a long time.  It was a particular match because we had three points at stake.  But, to be honest, Buffon had nothing to do while I saw many scoring occasions for us.  It won't be easy for anyone to play here.  We were good, I am happy because these players want to apply the ideal of football.  Sometimes they are able to, other times less.  We have to improve in dribbling, but I liked the desire they had to start the plays from behind.  Margins for improvement?  Of course there are, we have been playing together for only eight days and I think that we are donig a good job.  I am happy for the willingness shown by these players and they want to grow.  Today there were 7 new players with respect to the World Cup.  All players who are 23 years old, and we have to insist on these players.  And those who deserve to play, will play”. A special evening for Simone Zaza, who scored the first goal.  “This has been a dream week for me – said the player – my objective is to remain on the team and continue doing well.  This was a different match than the one in Bari.  Perhaps from a technical point of view the Dutch were stronger, but this team was very determined; and with some problems at the beginning, we were able to accomplish what we wanted to”.