Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio

National Women's Futsal team

First training sessions for the Azzurre in Novarello: Work in the gym and training game

The Women’s Futsal National Team are having their second day at the Novarello sports centre. Roberto Menichelli led their first training session yesterday: The players spent the afternoon in the gym and then worked on ball possession and shooting. The three goalkeepers trained with goalkeeping coach Mauro Ceteroni, and then joined the outfield players for a 6-a-side game. Two training sessions are scheduled for today: Fans can attend the second one, which takes place in the afternoon (15:45 CET).    Only players from the Women’s Serie A Group A are taking part in this camp, while players from Group C and B will participate in the two following camps, which are scheduled for the 3rd and 4th February at the PalaWojtyla in Martina Franca and for the 3rd and 4th March (location to be decided) respectively.   The squad:   Goalkeepers: Chiara Anselmo (Torino Futsal), Lara Brugnoni (Isolotto Firenze C5), Valentina Zacchetti (Kick Off);   Outfield Players: Federica Belli (Kick Off), Giorgia Benetti (Futsal Breganze), Silvia Bompan (Sporteam United), Elena Cassanelli (Decima Sport Camp), Anna Congiu (Elmas), Ludovica Coppari (Ternana Ibl Banca), Licia Dall’Olmo (Thienese), Carla Maria Duco (Isolotto Firenze C5), Jessica Exana (Ternana Ibl Banca), Petra Fanti (Sinnai), Giulia Ferrandi (Lupe), Jessica Ferri (Torino Futsal), Roberta Maione (Isolotto Firenze C5), Martina Moselli (Plavan Robbio), Caroline Pesenti (Kick Off), Chiara Piovan (Psn Padova Sport), Gloria Prando (Futsal Breganze), Aida Xhaxho (Isolotto Firenze C5).