Statistical head-to-head for matchday 21 in Serie A: Leonardo Bonucci vs. Gianluca Mancini

Using data provided in the stats section of our website, let’s take a look at the match-up between the Juventus and Roma defenders

Friday, February 5, 2021

Statistical head-to-head for matchday 21 in Serie A: Leonardo Bonucci vs. Gianluca Mancini

The big match of this round of Serie A is Juventus vs. Roma (Saturday, 18:00 CET). The two teams are separated by just one point: the Giallorossi sit in third on 40 points, the Bianconeri are fourth on 39 (with a game in hand).

The statistical head-to-head for matchday 21 (made possible by the stats section on our website) pits Leonardo Bonucci against Gianluca Mancini.

Both players have featured 17 times in the league this season, though Bonucci has played more minutes: 1,469 to Mancini’s 1,414.

Let’s start by analysing the defensive phase. The Roma man has been in more duels (19 vs. 13), while Bonucci comes out on top in terms of the percentage of duels won: 81.3% to 55.9%. The Bianconeri stalwart has made more clearances (48 vs. 39) and has blocked more shots (10 vs. 7), while Mancini has made more interceptions (39 vs. 26).

Both players are heavily involved in build-up for their respective teams. Bonucci has completed the ninth-most passes in the league this season (1,108). He has also completed 90.6% of his attempted passes, slightly more than Mancini’s 88.6%. The Roma player, however, edges out his Juve counterpart in the opposition half, where he has an accuracy rating of 82.4% to Bonucci’s 81.7%.

Goals are not lacking for either player: Mancini has scored three, two for Bonucci. The Giallorossi defender attempts more shots (7 vs. 3) and is more accurate with his efforts (83.6% vs. 33.3%). Bonucci, meanwhile, is noteworthy for the amount of crosses attempted: 25 (none for Mancini).

From a disciplinary standpoint, Mancini has given away 34 fouls (5 bookings) to Bonucci’s 16 (3 bookings). Both players have given away a penalty.