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Statistical head-to-head for matchday 36 in Serie A: Domenico Berardi vs. Federico Chiesa

Using the data provided on the Figc.it site, we have compared the Sassuolo and Juventus wingers

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Statistical head-to-head for matchday 36 in Serie A: Domenico Berardi vs. Federico Chiesa

The statistical head-to-head for matchday 36, which is made possible by the dedicated section of the Figc website, pits Domenico Berardi against Federico Chiesa.

The Neroverdi man has played three fewer times (27 vs. 30) than his Bianconeri counterpart, with a higher average of minutes per game (82.04 vs. 75.3). Unsurprisingly then, Chiesa has been subbed off on more occasions (19 vs.10).

Let’s start with the offensive phase, where Berardi comes out on top. He has twice as many goals (16 vs. 8), greater shot accuracy (59% on target vs. 50%) and scores once every 138.4 minutes, compared to Chiesa’s 282.4 minutes. Chiesa, for his part, has provided more assists (8 vs. 5), completed more crosses (19 vs. 14) and completed more dribbles (53 vs. 26).

The two players, however, have both created an incredible amount of chances and are often among the most dangerous and progressive players on their respective teams: 46 for the Calabrian and 39 for the son of Enrico.

In terms of defending, it’s worth noting that the Juve player has won nine more duels (27 vs. 18), while Berardi has made more clearances (29 vs. 15) and more interceptions (23 vs. 13).

Berardi also dominates in terms of distribution, having completed 278 more passes (861 vs. 583) and has a slightly higher percentage of completed passes (80.1& vs. 79.9%), as well as greater accuracy in the opposition half (72.7% vs. 70.9%).

Finally, in terms of discipline, Berardi is often targeted more than the former Fiorentina man (55 fouls received vs. 36) but has also committed more fouls than his counterpart (40 vs. 30). The Neroverdi winger has also received two more bookings (4 vs. 2), while only Chiesa has been sent off (once).