Facts and figures from the Azzurre’s 2020

Check out the facts and stats produced by Milena Bertolini’s Italy side as we approach the end of the current year

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Facts and figures from the Azzurre’s 2020

2020 is about to come to a close and it was a rather peculiar year on the pitch for the National Team. First up, the Algarve Cup, which was unexpectedly cancelled just a few hours before the final against Germany due to the emerging COVID-19 crisis; then, there were the Euro 2022 qualifiers, which put Gama and Co still well in the hunt.

Italy played just five games in 2020, winning three, drawing one and taking one defeat. Head Coach Bertolini called upon 28 players, six of whom got on the scoresheet and four provided at least one assist. Italy scored eleven goals (2.2 per game) and conceded four.

Five players were involved in all five of the Azzurre’s fixtures in 2020: Elisa Bartoli, Barbara Bonansea, Aurora Galli, Cristiana Girelli and Martina Rosucci. Of these five, Bonansea was the only one to start each and every game and played the most total minutes, 419, ahead of Bertoli (378) and Girelli (367).

Cristiana Girelli scored more goals than any other Azzurre player (five, one per game); behind her was Linari with two. Furthermore, Girelli had the most shots on target this year, nine, and shares the accolade for most total shots taken (15) with Bonansea.

Barbara Bonansea provided the most assists, setting up two teammates to score. The Juventus forward also created the most chances, nine (three more than Bartoli, Cernoia and Girelli).

The Azzurre’s most prolific dribbler of 2020 was Elisa Bartoli, who completed nine (to Bonansea’s six and Girelli’s four). Finally, Elena Linari completed more passes this year that any other Italy player: the Bordeaux defender distributed the ball 206 times, ahead of Rosucci (159) and Gama (155).