Passione Azzurra

"L'Azzurro unites us. Always": the fans take the leading role in our video celebrating the national team’s 2021

Messages sent by the fans after the European Championship victory punctuate the video that looks back over the triumphant year of Mancini's Azzurri, intertwined with a voiceover from Luca Ward

Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 will go down in the history of Italian football as the year of the second European title. The Azzurri's journey to EURO 2020, which culminated on the evening of 11 July with the victory at Wembley against England, brought the national team back to the top of Europe 53 years after their first, and until then only, continental triumph.

The FIGC has chosen to celebrate such a special year with a video - published on the social channels of the National team and on the FIGC website - that retraces the emotions of the European Championship through some important messages written by the fans of the National team. In the clip, the voice of Luca ward, actor, voice actor and official voice of Radio Italia, is intertwined with some passages of the stories that the Azzurri supporters sent to the FIGC immediately after the European Championships, responding to the call to action "My Euro-story", launched by the social channels of the National team. The video is thus brought to life through the words and passion of the fans, who are its protagonists.

The message highlights the union between players and fans, who are part of the same team; one tightly-knit group that is called to face the challenges of the new year with the same "team spirit" that marked a wonderful 2021.

The video, created by the Digital Content and Social Media office of the FIGC and produced by Auiki-Indaco, recalls the style and narrative of the digital campaign "L'Azzurro unites us", launched during EURO 2020 and which sought to display the deep bond between the team and the public.

We would like to thank Alessia, Andrea, Antonietta, Camilla, Daniele, Davide, Edoardo, Fabio, Isabella, Matteo, Michele, Mimmo, Paolo, Stefano for the content provided and of course all the fans of the national team.