The Azzurri and Azzurre are now on TikTok

The FIGC expands its digital fleet by launching an account on the entertainment platform

Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Azzurri and Azzurre are now on TikTok

The Azzurri and Azzurre are now on TikTok: the account @nazionaledicalcio has been set up and will post content relating to the men’s and women’s senior sides, youth teams, futsal and beach soccer. The launch of this account stems from the Federation’s desire to intensify communication with Azzurri fans, using this platform, which is particularly popular with Generation Z (and others, too), to entertain but also to educate the youngest generations on the values of sport, on respecting opponents and on practising fair play both on and off the pitch.

The first post features National Team players Locatelli, Calabria, Bastoni and Kean and the slogan “L’Azzurro ci unisce” (“The blue of Italy unites us”), which was used throughout Italy’s victorious European Championship adventure and will also accompany Milena Bertolini’s Azzurre during the UEFA Women's EURO 2022. TikTok will be a global partner for the upcoming tournament.

The new TikTok profile joins the digital fleet of the Italian Football Federation and National Teams, whose online community numbers around 13 million fans thanks to accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Sina Weibo, WeChat and Linkedin.