A final farewell to Doctor Fini: FIGC President Gabriele Gravina pays his respects

FIFA President Gianni Infantino also expressed his condolences in a letter to the FIGC President...

Thursday, September 17, 2020

A final farewell to Doctor Fini: FIGC President Gabriele Gravina pays his respects

The Azzurri shirt, the symbol of a unique, long-lasting relationship, rests on Fino Fini’s coffin as he lies in state, as we continue to remember his life and his intense passion for the Azzurri and Italian football.

Today, he was laid to rest in “his” Football Museum, the brainchild of the “Doctor” himself, made possible thanks to his tenacity and his meticulous research, as part of his efforts to keep the memory of the Italy National Team’s history alive. Today we remember a unique, charismatic character, who left an indelible mark on everyone who met him and who, thanks to his willpower and strength of spirit, managed to create a place and a community that reflects the values he sought to share with the world: passion and love for the game of football.

The first to arrive was FIGC President Gabriele Gravina, who did not want to miss out on the opportunity to bid Fino Fini a final farewell, and give his personal farewell to a symbolic character of the Italian history, who also linked his name to the National Training Centre at Coverciano, which he directed for almost thirty years.

Together with Gabriele Gravina, FIGC Secretary General Marco Brunelli travelled in from Rome to the funeral chamber for a farewell to 'Dottor' Fini. A delegation from the National Women's Team, who are preparing for their match against Bosnia in qualification for the European Championship, also paid their respects, with Cristiana Capotondi, the Chief Delegate responsible for the Azzurre, and Team Manager Barbara Facchetti.

Many from the footballing world and beyond chose to attend and pay their respects alongside family and friends; among those who attended were Lega Pro President Francesco Ghirelli, and former FIGC Presidents Giancarlo Abete and Antonio Matarrese. Indeed, it was with Matarrese that Fino Fini began to mastermind the construction of a Museum dedicated to the Italy National Team.

Tomorrow, in the “Mario Valitutti” room of the Museum of Football (Viale Palazzeschi 20, Florence), which is acting as a mausoleum from 9 a.m. to 3 pm, friends and family will be visiting to pay their respects. The funeral will be held on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. in the Church of Sant'Antonino in Bellariva (Piazza Rosadi 5, Florence).

Gianni Infantino also expressed his condolences, and in a letter sent to the FIGC President, he wanted to pay homage to a man who played such a key role in Azzurri history: "I would like to express my deepest condolences for the death of Fino Fini. Words seem inadequate to express the sadness that we feel: this is a loss that that will be felt throughout Italian football.”