Ali S.p.A is an Official Partner of the Italy men's National Teams: a new, all-Italian alliance is born

Ali S.p.A and FIGC announce a history agreement with the objective of writing history in football and the world of work

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Ali S.p.A is an Official Partner of the Italy men's National Teams: a new, all-Italian alliance is born

Ali S.p.A, an Italian firm with over 20 years of experience in consultation and HR services, is the new HR Official Partner of the Italy men’s National Teams. The alliance between FIGC and Ali S.p.A thus stands out ahead of the restart, in a piece of team work that will become a beacon for change and the construction of a sustainable future for Italy, its entrepreneurial spirit and its youth.

This partnership aims to encourage the new generations to be passionate and involved in the world of work, displaying values that have always been at the core of the two bodies. As such, the world of football and the world of good can feed off each other, putting people at the heart, in order to accompany them, step by step, to a project of personal and professional growth.

“FIGC are proud to be a part of this new partnership, which has the values of work and human resources at its core, with a particular focus on youth,” said Marco Brunelli, FIGC general secretary. “Given the economic situation, our nation is going through an unprecedented stage in its history, where competence and professionalism are the determining factors in terms of development and innovation.

“We firmly believe that this collaboration signals an important milestone in the world of work and sends a message of optimism to the younger generation,” declared Marco Bugliani, Ali S.p.A marketing director. “Now more than ever, we all need to believe in work. We at Ali believe in Italy, in Italians and in their potential. In this period of rapid and radical change, our objective is to became a guide for many generations of workers, who want to put themselves in play.”

More information
ALI S.p.A (www.alispa.itwere founded in 1997 as an all-Italian point of reference in Human Resources. Their reach extends over the whole of Italy, with more than 50 branches. They have always been acutely aware of the fabric of the world of work in the country.

Over the years, they have specialised in work administration, research and permanent selection, active policies and education. ALI S.p.A are a part of the Magister Group, a family business that has been going for over 30 years and active in multiple sectors. Other members of the group include: Labor-B (integrated consultation in HR), Repas (corporate welfare and Meal Vouchers), Avagliano Editore and Edizioni Lavoro Publishing Houses, Waterhouse S.p.A. (seafood and aquaculture).