Euro 2020

Applications have reopened for the Rome UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Program in 2021!

From today it's once again possible to apply for the Volunteer Program for UEFA EURO 2020 in Rome. The UEFA Euro 2020 community, which has 12,000 volunteers across the continent, is accepting applications for 2021!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Applications have reopened for the Rome UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Program in 2021!

A new phase: with the postponement of UEFA EURO 2020 to 2021, and the confirmation that Rome will be one of the host cities in the first ever European Championship to take place across Europe, the UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteer Programme promoted by UEFA will resume, with selections opening for the second time: an unexpected opportunity for the many people who couldn't register in 2019!

The Volunteers from 2020: The new phase of selection is designed to integrate the group who were already involved from 2019-2020, who had the opportunity to fill in a survey asking if they were interested in participating in the programme again in 2021. Where possible, it was decided that those who had already accepted for roles last year would be able to stay on, without major changes to the responsibilities previously agreed upon.

How to apply in 2021: This year, those interested in the role can apply by filling in the online form available on the dedicated website The registration process takes about 30 minutes, and provides candidates with the opportunity to recount the experiences, expectations and motivations that have motivated them to volunteer in sport.

Practical guide: For a step-by-step guide on the application process check out the dedicated landing page here.

Requirements: Volunteers must be over 18 years of age (on 1 May 2021) and be able to speak English at a basic or intermediate level. If they fulfil these requirements, they can enrol in the Volunteer Programme and must participate in an interview, training sessions and the activity days (minimum 5) that will be agreed upon during the interview phase.

Next steps: Once the applications have been assessed, the Volunteer Team will organise an interview session between October and November 2020, to complement the more than 1,600 meetings already held in 2019. The objective will be to get to know aspiring volunteers better, find out their motivations to participate in the Programme, and identify the area of operations that best suits their interests and availability.

If selected, candidates will become part of the UEFA EURO 2020 community: more than 12,000 Volunteers from all over the continent will celebrate the first European Championship in the competition's history to have multiple hosts. Working in close collaboration with staff, guests and fans, volunteers will become ambassadors for the host cities, making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at UEFA EURO 2020 in 2021.