Sostenibilità degli Eventi At 'Myplant & Garden', the conference by Federcalcio Servizi on sustainability and sports facilities

The workshop, held yesterday in Rho during the international green fair, provided an opportunity for discussion on environmental sustainability in relation to sports facilities

Friday, February 23, 2024

At 'Myplant & Garden', the conference by Federcalcio Servizi on sustainability and sports facilities

Yesterday, at the international fair 'Myplant & Garden' in Rho, 'SI - Sustainable Infrastructure, the new frontier of sports facilities,' the workshop by Federcalcio Servizi, sponsored by the FIGC, took place. The conference, organized with the support of Kulture Multimedia in the exhibition area dedicated to Green Sports, highlighted the importance of the pairing of infrastructure and sustainability, emphasizing how in the future sports facilities will need to balance performance and well-being needs with environmental protection; a complex challenge that addresses sensitive issues such as energy conservation, reducing environmental impact, sustainability, improving athlete and user well-being, and enhancing the value of reference territories.

Opening the proceedings was the CEO of Federcalcio Servizi, Mauro Grimaldi, who underscored the significance of the topic and how the FIGC, through the 'Coverciano 3.0' project, has already embarked on a virtuous path aimed at increasingly compatible scenarios with the environment and the community's well-being. The Head of the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano, Maurizio Francini, then outlined the FIGC's approach to environmental sustainability at the CTF in Coverciano, analyzing various requalification processes through measurement, reduction, compensation, and highlighting strategies for reducing CO2 emissions, projects that will soon become tangible.

Cristina Blasetti - Sustainability Manager FIGC - recalled in her speech the journey initiated by the FIGC on the theme of Sustainability, in line with the 11 socio-environmental sustainability policies outlined by UEFA and the 'UEFA Sustainability Strategy 'Strength Through Unity 2030'. Valeriano Bernardini, Senior Expert at Sport and Health Spa, responsible for the Design and Management of Green Sports Facilities, illustrated the management of turf and the processes adopted, while Lorenzo Santoni - (Head of the Sports Advisor sector at the Institute for Sports Credit) addressed the planning of the economic resources necessary to implement these projects.