Gravina awarded with honours in San Marino: "I am bound to you by a triple bond of friendship"

The Federation President was awarded with the seal and certificate of a knighthood of the Order of Saint Agatha: “We have a relationship with San Marino that we plan on nurturing more and more”

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Gravina awarded with honours in San Marino:

"The friendship and collaboration between the FIGC and the San Marino Football Federation, especially regarding the organisation of the European Under-21 Championship last June, has brought prestige and great international exposure to our Republic." These were the words of the Secretary of State for Sport Marco Podeschi as he awarded the seal and certificate of a knighthood of the Order of Saint Agatha to the President of the Italian Football Federation Gabriele Gravina.

The ceremony took place today at the Public Palace of San Marino in the presence of Captains Regents Nicola Selva and Michele Muratori, the President of the San Marino Football Federation Marco Tura and an official representative of the Italian Embassy Claudia Amerini.

"In virtue of the friendship he has shown towards our country,” declared the San Marino Heads of State, “and for the historical synergy that unites the two Federations, our hope is that further important opportunities for international collaboration can be created."

President Gravina, who said he was proud and honoured in light of this recognition, accepted the award gratefully and without hesitation: "We are looking to plan new opportunities for collaboration because only through this extraordinary relationship of sharing can football develop."

"Italy and San Marino,” Gravina continued, “share a passion for football without any needless urge to be at the centre of attention. We want to bear witness to the values of the sport, just as was the case during the recent UEFA European Under-21 Championship. This award is an honour for me because I am linked to San Marino by a triple bond of friendship: first of all with Marco Tura, with the Football Federation, for the relationships that we plan on nurturing more and more, and with this splendid country."