Coronavirus, the FIGC offers up the Coverciano Federal Training Centre to help in this emergency

The hotel and auditorium will be used to accommodate those under medical supervision as well as for places for beds for recovering patients. Gravina: “The football world united in the fight against this emergency”

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Coronavirus, the FIGC offers up the Coverciano Federal Training Centre to help in this emergency

In facing the emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19, the Italian Football Federation has offered up the Coverciano Federal Training Centre to the Florentine authorities. President Gabriele Gravina’s decision was announced to the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, who is in charge of coordinating activities in the Tuscan capital. The FIGC, after having already opened the Training Centre’s doors to the Fire Brigade, offered up the ‘Home of the Azzurri’ in an attempt to help, especially offering the hotel and auditorium as places to house those under medical supervision as well as to provide bed spaces for patients recovering from illness.

Coverciano, an iconic location for world football and home of the Azzurri National Team, also houses the University of Football with its courses for coaches and directors, a referees’ preparation centre and a VAR control room for the future, not to mention the Museum of Italian Football, with the location now having become a symbol in the fight against this health emergency.

FIGC President Gravina said the following on the decision: “The world of football is demonstrating great awareness and a strong sense of responsibility. We’re all united in the fight against this emergency, with the Federation, the leagues, clubs, players and coaches all raising funds and spreading the messages released by the governing authorities. Health is the number one priority that needs to be protected, and that’s why the FIGC is opening the doors of its Coverciano Training Centre to Italians in need. Right now we’re not playing football, and in order to return to the game we need to beat the most important opponent together: the Coronavirus.”

Dario Nardella, the Mayor of Florence, underlined his gratitude: “I’d like to thank Gravina and the FIGC for having made the entire Coverciano complex available. This will be a great help for Florence, allowing us to rapidly isolate patients who don’t need intensive care, but who aren’t able to stay at home.”

The Mayor is already at work along with the Regional Councillor Saccardi and the Municipal Councillor Vannucci in order to get things up an running as soon as possible: “It’s lovely to think that the ‘Home of the Azzurri’ will be transformed into a ‘Home of Solidarity’: it’s a great gesture in Italian football that makes us feel more united and more full of pride than ever before.” Nardella also relaunched a proposal made in recent days by National Team Coach Roberto Mancini: “I like the idea that right here in Florence, once everything is over, we could play a charity match to help our health system, between the Italian National Team and a selection of the best doctor/footballers from all over the country.”

The Regional Councillor for Health, Stefania Saccardi, and the Municipal Councillor for Health, Andrea Vannucci, also wanted to thank the FIGC, with Councillor Saccardi saying: “It’s a gesture of great generosity, and the Coverciano Training Centre is a place of great quality and value.” Councillor Vannucci added: “This operation further strengthens the link between Florence and the Italian Football Federation. It’s a demonstration of great willingness by the Federation in the fight against this emergency, all in the name of solidarity. Florence will make good use of the facilities.”