Coronavirus, the season set to be extended to 2 August

President Gravina to adopt a resolution to push the end of the season back: “The world of football is working incessantly to find solutions to the crisis”

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Coronavirus, the season set to be extended to 2 August

Today, another meeting involving all federal components of the FIGC was held. Those involved were convened by President Gabriele Gravina to discuss the ongoing suspension of sporting activities as a result of the Covid-19 emergency.

As regards the resumption of the said activities, in the next few hours, and with the agreement of all the federal components, President Gravina intends to adopt a resolution to push the end of the 2019/2020 season back to 2 August. This decision will be taken in full compliance with the guidelines issued by FIFA and UEFA and pending any decisions from the Government as well as an in-depth analysis to be undertaken in a timely manner by the various leagues and the AIC so that the rules governing the extension of contracts expiring on 30 June can be defined.

“The world of football is working incessantly and responsibly to find concrete and sustainable solutions to the crisis generated by COVID-19, including those which are necessary to safeguard 2020/21 competitions,” said President Gravina. “For this reason, it deserves respect and not to be used as a tool to stir up controversies with no basis in fact. “I’d like to thank Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora for the attention he gave us in yesterday’s meeting, during which our approach was clearly laid out: we want to return to playing football in safe conditions because this is what common sense dictates and what international organisations, of which Italian football is a part, are asking of us. In sending the protocol we drew up to CONI, I will reiterate what was said during a meeting which, as usual, was held in a cooperative spirit and be ready to listen to any precious advice.

“We’re happy with the frequent exchanges we’re having with the Ministry of Sport, but also the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, all of whom have received our proposals relating to measures which are required to be undertaken. It’s surprising to once again note how the temptation to talk constantly about football and attract attention prompts some to comment on things they are evidently not well-informed about.”