FIGC and Federfarma sign protocol agreement in the fight against doping

Projects and and training programmes are also planned through campaigns for the public and schools. Gravina: "The world of football is leading the fight against doping"

Thursday, April 4, 2024

FIGC and Federfarma sign protocol agreement in the fight against doping

A protocol agreement between the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), the Federal Anti-Doping Commission and Federfarma, who represent over 18,000 private pharmacies across the country, has been signed by presidents Gabriele Gravina and Marco Cossolo.

The collaboration, which will last for two years, launches an innovative process with the aim of providing knowledge about the doping phenomenon, promoting the correct use of drugs and supplements, and preventing abuse, in order to protect the health of athletes and in particular footballers (amateurs and professionals of any age), bringing the dangers and consequences of doping to light.

FIGC and Federfarma, by virtue of this agreement, will begin to collaborate on projects and training programmes, too, through campaigns aimed at the public and schools, so as to raise awareness of the phenomenon of doping and its risks.

“The world of football feels the responsibility of being a sport followed and practiced by millions of people," FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, declared. "This is why the fight against doping is at the forefront both in training and prevention. Thanks to Federfarma, pharmacies, schools and sports clubs, in particular youth and amateur ones, will be real information points".

“Pharmacies are the initial local health facility in the area and see around 4 million citizens every day, who come in not only to obtain a medicine or a service, but also advice and information for making the most appropriate choices for their own health and well-being”, President of Federfarma, Marco Cossolo, said. “Precisely by virtue of this relationship of trust between the pharmacist and citizen, we have warmly welcomed this important initiative by the FIGC, to help spread awareness on the phenomenon of doping."