FIGC and FIR join forces for the development of sporting practices

The presidents of the two federations, Gabriele Gravina and Marzio Innocenti, today signed a memorandum of understanding that will also see the launch of joint association football and rugby football teaching in schools

Friday, December 17, 2021

FIGC and FIR join forces for the development of sporting practices

The Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio and the Federazione Italiana Rugby are joining forces to promote the sharing of sporting practices. The memorandum of understanding, which will last for four years, codifies this union of intentions and was signed today at the FIGC headquarters in Rome by the two respective presidents, Gabriele Gravina and Marzio Innocenti.

This is both a historic and ambitious agreement, which brings together two sports that have, until now, remained separated by far too great a degree. The two codes of football have decided to work together and focus on the development of Italian sport.

Sharing of training methodologies, promotion of projects targeting the creation of environmentally friendly events and the definition of good practices from an ecological standpoint are at the heart of this new partnership, as is the sharing of anti-doping and anti match fixing protocols. But the key value of the collaboration between the two is education, especially in schools and nurseries. These are the themes on which the collaboration between the two Federations is based, to which another important element is added: cooperation with national and local institutions and the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo for the construction, restructuring and modernisation of sports facilities.

In particular, the FIGC and FIR will launch a joint project for association football and rugby football in school, which is viewed as a winning combat to tackle a lack of exercise for young people. It will be used to promote good practices in terms of the correct education on topics of health and diet in a broader sense. The same attention has been paid to the training of athletes and coaches, in conjunction with sporting activities and also as a viable post-career option.

“The agreement between the two sports goes beyond just this document because we are bound by common values and a common vision for the development of sport in this country,” said Gravina. “By signing a vast document such as this one – that gives space for young people and technical education – we’re putting our ambition on show. We did it because we are two great Federations that feel immense responsibility to take on an important role in the growth of young people through sport.”

“Rugby and football are twins, separated at birth by circumstances of history. The FIR and FIGC, with the signing of this four-year memorandum, are taking a historic step – not only in this country – in the reunion of these two extraordinary sports. Together, we will be able to act with greater strength and in greater depth, diffusing sporting culture to more and more young Italians and helping to spread the values of our football codes in Italy to the supporters and professionals of tomorrow. We cannot wait to get going alongside our sporting brothers,” added Innocenti.