FIGC headquarters redecorated with the Champions

The historic Palazzo in via Allegri changes its appearance: The Azzurri on the podium at Wembley dominates one side, while the other shows an image of the Women's National Team kicking off their journey toward the next European Championship. Gravina: "They are two extraordinary factors of social cohesion"

Saturday, July 24, 2021

FIGC headquarters redecorated with the Champions

The FIGC headquarters has changesd its appearance in honour of Roberto Mancini's Azzurri. The restyling of the two facades of the historic building at via Gregorio Allegri in Rome was completed today: On the side facing Villa Borghese, the words ‘Campioni d’Europa’ (Champions of Europe) is displayed with the National Team on the podium at Wembley raising the cup to the sky in London; On the other side, visible for those arriving from via Po, a new image of Coach Milena Bertolini’s Women's National Team stands tall, launching their campaign for the European Championship scheduled for next summer in England, along with the phrase 'Road to Euro 2022'.

After the success of previous dressings of the Federation headquarters, which now dates back to Christmas 2019, the FIGC wanted to relaunch the initiative by strengthening its brand with two iconic images of the Azzurri jersey, a symbol of unity, passion, tradition, and innovation. On one side, Chiellini & Co. celebrate the second continental triumph in the history of Italian football, and they will ideally pass the baton to their Azzurri companions who are preparing for another exciting sporting adventure. Two teams, the same passion, one single colour: The Azzurri blue.

"The female and male national teams symbolise Italy”, underlined FIGC president Gabriele Gravina: “They are two extraordinary factors of social cohesion. With this initiative, we want to thank our players, who are always able to provide us with new emotions, as well as all Italian fans for their great enthusiasm with which they support the teams”.