Florence City Council approves project for the renovation of the Coverciano Federal Technical Centre

The Florence City Council approved the redevelopment plan presented by Federcalcio Servizi Srl: innovation, landscape integration, sustainability and energy efficiency. Tomorrow there is an inspection from the Sports and Urban Planning Commissions, then approval by the City Council

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Florence City Council approves project for the renovation of the Coverciano Federal Technical Centre

The go-ahead has been given by the Florence City Council for the renovation of the Coverciano Federal Technical Centre, the structure that has been the "Home of the Italian National Football Teams" since the late 1950s, where all international events are prepared, and a true "University of Italian Football", the site of the main courses for technical roles and referee meetings. The project, characterised by innovation, landscape integration, sustainability and energy efficiency, was drawn up on the basis of UEFA's guidelines ('UEFA Best Practice Guide to Training Centre Construction and Management' and 'UEFA Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines'), and was presented by Federcalcio Servizi Srl, the FIGC's real estate management company, in agreement with the FIGC and on the basis of the indications of the operational structures involved, with the aim of intervening organically on the structure inaugurated over 60 years ago (1958). Apart from the various maintenance work carried out over the years, in fact, the structure now requires a substantial redevelopment, due to the evolution of the training practices of football teams, on the pitch and in the gym, as well as activities related to prevention and rehabilitation, logistical organisation and the needs of the media following the National Team.

For final approval, it will be necessary to wait for the green light from the City Council. Tomorrow afternoon, in the meantime, the members of the council commissions for sport and urban planning, together with the Councillor for Sport of the Municipality of Florence Cosimo Guccione, will carry out an inspection at the centre.

The redevelopment, which will result in a total extension of 7,530 m2, of which 2,800 m2 will go to the car park, will enhance the structure, with new constructions and the building renovation of some of these through an intervention characterised by criteria of respect and landscape integration, innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency. In this sense, one of the strategic components of the plan is energy self-sufficiency, thanks to a highly productive photovoltaic plant (total surface area of 3,180m2, production when fully operational of approximately 900,000 KWh per year), set in the landscape and urban context.

In relation to the planned interventions on the playing fields, there will now be a permanent TV production for the filming of matches and training sessions, with a view to guaranteeing an ever greater visibility of the activities of the National Teams on the FIGC platforms. At the same time, the stands of pitch no. 1 and 2 will be made functional, in order to facilitate the presence of the public in the matches scheduled at the centre.

The plan for the redevelopment of the Federal Technical Centre will also include the maintenance of the paved areas, a unified line of furnishings and a new lighting plan for the architecture and outdoor spaces with low-consumption floodlights with a low impact on the context and light pollution of the city. Again, in terms of environmental sustainability, the FIGC are on a path to limit their CO2 emissions.

"With this complex redevelopment we want to preserve the historical heritage of the Technical Centre while projecting it into the future - underlined FIGC President Gabriele Gravina - through a conspicuous investment plan, Coverciano will become a completely interconnected, modern structure in line with the modern standards of efficiency and integral sustainability. We will enhance a fundamental asset for the Azzurri and for the whole of Italian football, a model of training and innovation to make it a reference point in the world once again, as it was on the day of its inauguration".

“The history of football has been played on these pitches,' emphasised the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, 'the names are in the encyclopaedia of our memories. Trapattoni, Maldini, Fabbri. Then Rivera, Riva, Antognoni, Baggio. And one could go on and on. Victories and failures in an unbroken thread linking past and present. Coverciano is the workshop of the national team, the home of the Azzurri. It is here that Italy has built its victories and always started again from here after defeats. The Federal Technical Centre is an added value for Florence, it is not only the 'University of Football,” added the Mayor. 'Thanks to this development, characterised by innovation, landscape integration, sustainability and energy efficiency, Coverciano will continue to be an excellence, a reference point for the whole world.”