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Gravina: “Equal dignity and rights for women's football is one of our main goals”

Gravina and Bertolini spoke to Sky ahead of the start of the season at the weekend

Monday, September 9, 2019

Gravina: “Equal dignity and rights for women's football is one of our main goals”

“Professionalism for women’s football is a question that requires deep reflection. Professionalism implemented incorrectly could slow the movement down. Another question regards the equal dignity and rights of the girls, this is our task and one of the first issues that we’ll bring to the attention of the Federal Council.” This was FIGC President Gabriele Gravina speaking to Sky at the presentation event for the women’s leagues that will kick off next weekend.

“The World Cup made an impression that there’s constant growth and it had a big impact on the movement by generating more enthusiasm,” Gravina added. “We have the task of conserving this enthusiasm and the obligation to promote more. We’re expecting to see a season of great competition and growth but we also have some big projects, such as free insurance for all Under-17 players registered at an amateur level.”

Italy Coach Milena Bertolini is also convinced that it will be a top-quality season. “The standard has risen a lot and because of this, I expect it to be a great season, a good Serie A that will be followed and attract fans with good play and the competition that is vital to the development of the girls.” The Coach then touched on the situation with the National Team after they made the quarter-finals of the World Cup in France: “It’s always very difficult to go again after such a result. We didn’t win a medal but on a symbolic level, this World Cup was vital for Italian women’s football. It’s hard to start again, mentally above all. In the first matches that we’ve had since [wins over Israel and Georgia], we weren’t in great physical shape but the most difficult factor to overcome was mental fatigue.”

FIGC CEO Marco Brunelli also spole: “We’ve created a new structure for the women’s football division, a structure where the Federation directly manages Serie A and Serie B. There’s a new President in Ludovica Mantovani and that’s a name that needs no introduction from the history of Italian football but above all, she’s an entrepreneur who knows women’s football. I believe she can make a really big contribution. This will be the season with the most media coverage in history.”