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Gravina: “We’re in complete agreement with Minister Spadafora on the topic of racism”

The most notable moments of yesterday’s Federal Council meeting in Rome

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Gravina: “We’re in complete agreement with Minister Spadafora on the topic of racism”

The topic of racism was one of the central points of yesterday’s Federal Council meeting in Rome. With reference to this issue and to the fight against all forms of discrimination, FIGC President Gabriele Gravina revealed the contents of the letter sent to the Federation by Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora, along with the federal president’s response sent yesterday morning. In his reply Gravina thanked Spadafora for the appreciation shown for the Federation’s actions in this area, declaring his willingness to work hand in hand with the interministerial programme proposed by Minister Spadafora himself. Gravina stressed the following in his press conference: “From our part, there’s a complete readiness to get involved in this project as soon as possible.”

Sticking to the topic of racism, Gravina then moved onto the incident with Mario Balotelli in the game against Verona: “I’m fully on Mario’s side, I shouldn’t even have to clarify that. Balotelli is Italian, he has proved himself as more Italian than those who are insulting him. The FIGC will not rest until we have put an end to these despicable episodes. We will do everything we can: the gestures, the way of thought and the culture are all things which must be condemned. We have to respond with advanced technology which removes any uncertainty of the culprits, hence the need for even closer collaboration with our Public Prosecutor’s Office and Home Office in identifying the perpetrators. The FIGC will play a central role in this.”

The federal president also announced that he has send a request to IFAB (International Football Association Board) with the proposal of having five substitutions in Serie A as opposed to three, a law change which is already in place in Serie C.