Italian football mourns Fabio Melillo, Coach of Ternana Women

Before arriving in the Umbrian dugout, he won the Primavera league six times, thrice with Res Roma and thrice with Roma

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Italian football mourns Fabio Melillo, Coach of Ternana Women

The FIGC, the Divisione Serie B Femminile and all of Italian football mourns the passing of Fabio Melillo, coach of Ternana Women. Although illness had limited his activity for some time, Melillo continued to follow his team closely, with the passion and tenacity that had always set him apart. Before joining the Umbrian side, with whom he came close to Serie A promotion, he was the architect of six Primavera league wins, three at Res Roma and three at Roma. Over the years, Melillo nurtured the talent of countless female footballers, some of whom have even gone on to play international football.

FIGC President, Grabriele Gravina: “Febio Melillo was one of the first people to believe in the women’s game in Italy. His extraordinary achievements in youth football are a testament to his exceptional work. Just as exceptional as his love for his work with his team and his desire to finish off this season despite his health. The whole of Italian football extends its condolences to Fabio’s family and Ternana Women”.

Women’s Serie B President, Laura Tinari: “Today, the whole of Italian women’s football is distraught. Fabio Melillo’s passing is incredibly painful. Over the years, I have been able to appreciate Fabio’s technical skills in managing his side as well as his personal and moral strengths. Choosing to continue the fight on the pitch alongside his squad has taught Italian football something precious. I wish to express my condolences on behalf of the entire division to Ternana Women and Fabio’s family”.