Meeting between UEFA and General Secretaries of the 55 associate federations

The live video conference was aimed at identifying possible solutions for the impact of COVID-19 in Europe.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Meeting between UEFA and General Secretaries of the 55 associate federations

Yesterday morning (06/08/2020), a meeting, which was held via video conference, between UEFA and the General Secretaries of the 55 associatefederations to discuss various topics related to UEFA’s club, international and youth competitions took place. With regards to club competitions, which resumed on Wednesday with the Round of 16 of the Europa League, and in view of the qualifying rounds of the 2020/21 season, much was discussed on the travel restrictions and positive COVID-19 tests, which could have an impact on the ability to carry out the competitions.

It was outlined that, in compliance with restrictions of cross-border travel and quarantine regulations issued by national authorities in Europe, some fixtures could be played in neutral venues, highlights the various scenariosthat have been proposed to date.

In light of this proposal, UEFA expressed their thanks to the federations of Poland, Greece, Hungary and Cyprus for their willingness to host games, and consequently for their guarantee of preferential treatment for unrestricted entry to those countries.

In the lead-up to the international break in September, an analysis was made of the difficulty national teams may face due to the restrictions in place. To get around these restrictions, there will need to be close cooperation between associations and UEFA in order for these fixtures to take place.

The possibility that matches might be played on neutral can not be ruled out. The notes from the European confederation cite, “both UEFA and it associate federations are conscious of the importance that fans are allowed back in stadiums, but that the situation in Europe also remains very precarious.

UEFA is constantly monitoring the development of the situation with regards to regulations in every nation. A further review of the situation to see whether there may be a partial removal of matches behind closed doors is planned for the month of August.” To finish, regarding international youth competitions, there were various proposals that were examined, including the possibility that a large portion of youth-team events in 2021 may be postponed. A further meeting is scheduled to take place this month.