Gravina meets Minister Spadafora: "We're in agreement and there was maximum collaboration”

The FIGC President: "We discussed a lot of issues and the Ministry is aware of our needs"

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Gravina meets Minister Spadafora:

“There were loads of themes discussed, from the philosophy behind our new approach to football, the fight against racism but also the modification of law 91, making women’s football semi-professional. It was a very positive meeting which allowed me to see the quality of the ministry which is very alert and keen to understand football and sport in Italy.” This was Gabriele Gravina following the meeting today which also featured the CEO Marco Brunelli along with the Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora.

Naturally, a large deal of attention was paid to the fight against discrimination: “The Minster shared the idea of maximum collaboration with other government departments,” Gravina continued. “It’s clear that today the video surveillance systems are directly managed by public security workers. We’ll perfect protocol with the Ministry of the Interior which will be of maximum importance for our system.”

“The Ministry has shown sensitivity to our needs and shared our approach to racism. We’ve stated that at the meeting on 1 October, the Federal Council will approve a new management model to strengthen the body with objective responsibility. Clubs who follow the model will be able to enjoy certain benefits. Football says no to racism but allow me to say that I’m fonder of people who come up with suggestions rather than those who only know how to criticise.”