Sardegna Arena, three preventative measures. Gravina: “FIGC approval for Cagliari.”

The FIGC President: “Let’s win the battle against racism together.” Then he returns to the controversy of the last few days: “We need to tone it down”

Friday, February 14, 2020

Sardegna Arena, three preventative measures. Gravina: “FIGC approval for Cagliari.”

Regarding the initiative taken by Cagliari who, via a public statement, have officially announced that it has issued three preventative measures aimed at three people identified and reported for having shouted abusive words of a racist and offensive nature during the match at the Sardegna Arena, the FIGC President, Gabriele Gravina, commented: “Italian football is fighting a battle and will give no quarter against racism, for this reason I would like to congratulate Cagliari Calcio for the hard-line approach they have taken with this decision. President Giulini’s seriousness and determination are visible to all, the FIGC supports him and his colleagues in the front line against all forms of discrimination, because the scourge of all vulgarity can only be defeated by taking the field together.”


The people involved, occasional ticket holders in different sectors and stands, have been identified thanks to the coordinated action of the stewards and the club’s internal security staff. In compliance with the regulatory code in force, but above all to protect the Cagliari fans, the city of Cagliari and the whole of Sardinia – the public statement reads – permanent bans have been imposed, which will prevent those who have been guilty of these regrettable actions from entering the stadium for any event, forever.


“Italian football,” concludes Gravina, “needs togetherness and mutual intent to continue the revamping process in which we are all protagonists. The initiative of Cagliari, as well as that of Hellas Verona a few days ago, who equipped stewards with body cams, helps to create the best conditions to make watching football a joyful and peaceful experience. These are messages of great responsibility, which I also expect to be followed by resulting conduct on the part of all members, to whom I ask you to lower your tone because in recent weeks we have witnessed attitudes that are difficult to tolerate. Just as I hope that there will be more respect shown towards the refereeing groups, even from those outside our world, who are often subject to unworthy criticism.”