Simone Inzaghi receives the Enzo Bearzot Award

In the CONI Hall of Honour, the award was presented to the Inter coach by the FIGC and ACLI Sports Union. Gravina: “A pleasure to meet every year to celebrate an icon of Italian football like Bearzot”

Monday, April 15, 2024

Simone Inzaghi receives the Enzo Bearzot Award

“I tell the lads to always believe in it because with daily sacrifice you can achieve any goal imaginable.” These were comments made by Simone Inzaghi, who addressed the young people present in the CONI Hall of Honour for the 'Enzo Bearzot' Award ceremony, now in its 13th edition. The Inter coach, who is now closing in on winning his first Scudetto as a coach, received the award dedicated to the memory of the former national team coach established by the ACLI Sports Union with the support of the FIGC.

“It is always exciting to return to Rome," declared the youngest of the Inzaghi brothers as he received the award from the hands of CONI's number one, Giovanni Malagò, the FIGC President Gabriele Gravina and the ACLI SU President Damiano Lembo, "and I am proud to receive an award named after Bearzot. I give thanks to the ACLI SU, to the Federation, to Ansa, to Inter, to my staff, to my players, to all those who have helped out in recent years and who have allowed me to be here. I see the images of Bearzot and I am reminded of when my brother and I played football in our bedroom hoping to become like Paolo Rossi. We always believed, my brother also won a World Cup and for this reason I tell the kids that with daily sacrifice you can achieve any goal."

During the ceremony, which will be broadcast at 23.:00 CEST this evening on Rai Sport HD as part of the 'Calcio Totale' programme, career recognition was also given to Livio Berruti, Olympic gold medalist in the 200 metres at the 1960 Rome Games, and the one named after referee Stefano Farina to Matteo Marcenaro, who is considered to have been the best so far in the current season according to the AIA.

Doing the honours was CONI President, Giovanni Malagó: “This is an event that has grown incredibly and I like how the motivations try to reward those who respect certain values that are the foundation of the ACLI and sports promotion bodies. I am very proud to be here and I hope that this tradition will be carried forward at the CONI Hall of Honour for eternity."

“It is always a great pleasure to meet here every year, celebrating an icon of Italian football like Bearzot," declared FIGC president Gabriele Gravina. "This is a special award that aims to remember his memory, but also to pass on what Bearzot represented: the love for our sport. It is an honour to share this journey with the ACLI SU."

Then, a greeting from the ACLI SU National President Damiano Lembo: “We have now reached the 13th edition of this event, which best represents one of the missions of the ACLI SU, uniting sport at the top level with the grassroots through the world of football that is a sounding board to act as a driving force for those values that represent us, such as respect, inclusion and the psycho-physical well-being of the person. Elements that must be at the root of basic physical activity for a culturally better and more sporting country. We can therefore only thank Simone Inzaghi for what he expresses, not only in the results on the pitch, but above all for the values shared outside and inside the locker room, where he manages to combine the right severity with a paternalistic affection that resembles Bearzot. Thanks also to all the protagonists who have allowed the award to reach this level of prestige: to Rai, to the FIGC, to the sports journalism that has always been close to us, to CONI and Sport and Health, now inseparable companions, and to Dr. Cinzia Bearzot. The award was created to reflect human and social values, using the showcase of sport, in this case football, to convey our values, those of the promotional bodies".

Among the applause of those present, a lifetime achievement award was then given to the Olympic gold medalist in the 200 meters of the 1960 Rome Games, Livio Berruti. “Sport keeps everyone united and we are all equal in this regard”, said Berruti, awarded by the Sport and Health President, Marco Mezzaroma. Ending the ceremony was the award presentation in memory of Stefano Farina, the former referee and illustrator who passed away on 23 May 2017. The AIA indicated Matteo Marcenaro as the recipient of the award. “Referees are part of this sport, but first we are people and we embody the principles of sport. Every now and then we stumble, but our philosophy is to do our best,” said Marcenaro while receiving the award from AIA president Carlo Pacifici. “Thanks to the ACLI SU, which as part of this prestigious award allowed us to open a game dedicated to a great character like Stefano Farina. An award dedicated to the young referees who will represent our association. Marcenaro fully embodies the new line of refereeing,” concluded Pacifici.