Sustainability and sporting facilities: conference on 22 February

The workshop will be held in Rho during the international ‘Myplant & Garden’ fair

Monday, February 19, 2024

Sustainability and sporting facilities: conference on 22 February

‘SI - Sustainable Infrastructures, la nuova frontiera dell’impiantistica sportiva’ ('SI - Sustainable Infrastructures, the new frontier of sporting facilities’) is the title of the workshop from the Federcalcio Servizi, sponsored by the FIGC, that will be held on Thursday 22 February from 11:30 CET in the Sala Convegni Verde Sportivo (Pad. 20/E40 Fiera Milano, Rho).

The conference will be held during the international ‘Myplandt & Garden’ fair, scheduled from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 February in Fiera Milano, and will cover highly relevant themes that the FIGC are committed to long-term. As underlined by the name of the workshop, this technical meeting is born of the importance of sustainability to the future of sporting facilities and will illustrate how they can bring together the performance and well-being requirements with the environment and social responsibility. It is a complex task, one that brings up difficult topics such as saving money, reducing environmental impact, improving the well-being of athletes and users, and the enhancement of certain regions. 

At the meeting, organised with support from Kulture Multimedia, will be: CEO of Federcalcio Servizi, Mauro Grimaldi; deputy Vice President of ANCI, Roberto Pella; Head of the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano, Maurizio Francini; FIGC Sustainability Manager, Cristina Blasetti; Manager of the ICS Special Funds Management Service, Eduardo Gugliotta; senior expert from Sport e Salute Spa, and responsible for the Design and management of green spaces at Sports Facilities, Valeriano Bernardini.

From 14:30 CET, work will continue with the session titled ‘Nasce LND Impianti Srl: le conferme, le novità, gli obiettivi’ (‘LND Impianti Srl is born: the confirmation, news, and aims’).