The FIGC's institutional logo presented at Garage Italia

Gravina: “A symbol that projects our Federation towards the future.” Lapo Elkann: “Honoured to have been involved in the creation of one of the most symbolic logos of our beloved Italy.”

Monday, October 4, 2021

The FIGC's institutional logo presented at Garage Italia

The FIGC institutional logo, created by Independent Ideas - the creative agency of Publicis Groupe - was presented in the evocative setting of Garage Italia in Milan. Moderated by Camila Raznovich, the event was attended by FIGC President Gabriele Gravina and Lapo Elkann, the President of the Laps Foundation and of Independent Ideas. The image of the FIGC is renewed, as a modern and authoritative logo is added to the shield and stands out on the Azzurri shirt, which also graphically depicts the innovation process desired by President Gabriele Gravina. In one of the happiest moments in Italian history, when sporting successes are accompanied by renewed enthusiasm of fans of the National Team, the FIGC is bestowed with an emblem that is inspired by iconic elements that best represent the Federation's activity outside of football.

Activities of social responsibility and those with young people, institutional and international relations, with the aim of enhancing the multidimensionality of football in all its facets, make the Federation even more recognisable as it looks to promote a profound cultural revolution for the whole movement. If the 'New Renaissance' of the Azzurri has already produced extraordinary results, the reforms now need to be completed for the benefit of the system, while at the same time rooting different football realities in their territories and their respective communities of reference.

FIGC president Gabriele Gravina commented: “The National Team is victorious on the pitch and has a great team that supports them off it, characterised by the same passion and professionalism with which the Azzurri approached their matches at the Euros. Today, we give this extraordinary team, and the entire Federation, a new symbol to identify with, moving from tradition to project our Football Association towards the challenges of the future. We work every day for an increasingly modern, integrated, responsible and attentive FIGC that listens to the needs of all stakeholders, and we are aware that the developments of football also cross over into a valued cultural growth which we are promoting in all sectors of our world. I would like to thank Lapo Elkann and Independent Ideas for having interpreted in the best possible way the motivations that distinguish our work.”

With this decision, the FIGC aligns itself with other European Federations (for example Belgium, Germany and Spain) that have made the same decision, distinguishing the crest on the jerseys worn on matchdays from the 'corporate-institutional' one.

The President of the Laps Foundation and of Independent Ideas, Lapo Elkann, underlined: “Designing the FIGC logo is a source of extreme pride and happiness for me; as an Italian, there is nothing that could make me prouder. My sentiment is further strengthened because this is happening at a crucial moment for the Federation, just after the exciting victory of the Azzurri at EURO 2020. I am honoured and grateful to President Gravina for choosing my team to create one of the most symbolic logos of our beloved Italy. The logo we have designed combines the glorious tradition of the Federation with innovation and authority, important facets of our country and its inhabitants.”

THE LOGO. The aesthetics of the first footballs inspired the circular shape and vertical graphics of the new look, with a clear and profound reference to the game’s origins, revisited through a contemporary interpretation of the symbol.

Within the logo, the acronym of the Italian Football Federation takes centre stage, reaffirming the strong presence and constant work of our Federation. The colours naturally recall those of the National Team jersey and the Italian flag.

Credits Independent Ideas

Chairman: Lapo Elkann
CEO: Alberto Fusignani
Executive Creative Director: Erick Loi
Client Service Director: Cabiria Granchelli
Head of Art: Mattia Errico
Art Director: Gianluca Natale
Art Director & Motion Graphic: Giulio Petrone
Senior Copywriter: Christian Leoni
Senior Copywriter: Andrea Salerno
Account Executive: Mercan Oral

To download the institutional logo, click here