World Health Day: Coach Bertolini attends meeting on the UEFA 'Coaches For Health' campaign

The Manager of the Women's National Team, along with coach Mancini, has made a video to raise awareness among young people on the importance of physical activity and the right nutrition, spoke today at the meeting organised by UEFA

Thursday, April 7, 2022

World Health Day: Coach Bertolini attends meeting on the UEFA 'Coaches For Health' campaign

With today being World Health Day, UEFA organised an online round table meeting to finalised plans for 'Coaches For Health' (#FeelWellPlayWell), which campaigns healthy lifestyles which has been supported by the leading European football authority in collaboration with the 'Insieme Contro il Cancro' to raise awareness among European adolescents on the importance of physical and mental health. The campaign, which the FIGC has adopted along with a further 32 national federations, focuses on four key aspects of health: physical activity, nutrition, mental health and substance abuse, with a particular focus on alcohol and tobacco.

The meeting, attended by Michele Uva (Director of Football and Social Responsibility UEFA) and the manager’s from the Belgian men's national team and the Welsh women's national team, Roberto Martinez and Gemma Grainger, spoke for the FIGC to the national team nutritionist, Matteo Pincella and the national women's coach, Milena Bertolini.

"Football”, Bertolini underlined, who along with fellow coach, Roberto Mancini, made videos to raise awareness on the essential functions of sport and proper nutrition for young people, “in addition to developing aerobic, physical and stamina thresholds, has another important attribute which is well-being. Sport is an excellent tool; it can be a spearhead for inclusion and a sense of belonging, which has been proved to have enormous psychophysical benefits." The coach then explained how leisure activities can strengthen the cohesion of a group:" I always try to give the team a surprise, by breaking up the routine with an evening barbecue or a day away from the training pitch. I too try to find moments where I can mentally shut off from football, by taking walks or listening to music."