Hall of Fame

Altobelli: "Being part of Azzurri history is the highest award of my career”

The attacker, inducted into the Hall of Fame in the category of Italian Veteran, donated his math-worn shirt from the Italy vs. Malta game in January 1987 when he scored a brace to the Museo del Calcio: “I always tried to leave a mark”

Monday, November 13, 2023


Upon his induction to the Hall of Fame, Alessandro 'Spillo' Altobelli chose to donate his Azzurri number 9 shirt from the 5-0 win over Malta in 1987 in Bergamo when he scored a brace to the Museo del Calcio. “Some shirts from 1982 I have donated, some have gone missing”. What can never be taken away from him, though, are the memories and his spot amongst the greatest forwards in Italian football history.

Every time one of the champions from Spain 82 speaks, it seems like we head back 40 years: The 1982 World Cup was particularly special. We went from rags to riches. It started terribly, with criticism after criticism. But we had a great coach, Enzo Bearzot, who was our 12th man. Italy studied beforehand (he jokes). In the first few games we weren’t great because Bearzot understood that there would be 7 games and by the 4th, we would be in our best shape. Our best form came in the most important games against Argentina, Brazil, Poland, and Germany: this was the decisive moment”.

Altobello, who will soon turn 68 years old, held his trophy with pride on stage in the Coverciano Auditorium: he was inducted into the Italian Football Hall of Fame in the category of Italian Veteran for the 11th edition of the awards. “Being part of the history of Italian football is not a reward that everyone can receive, for this reason, I feel so proud and fortunate. Being part of this history is the highest award of my career. I have always thought that it isn’t that important to participate but to leave a mark, and I have always tried to do so”. Luciano Spalletti also wants to leave his mark, Head Coach of the Azzurri for 3 months now: “The squad is young, I like that: the squad doesn’t just think about defending, they look ahead, on the attack”.