Boom of Football Museum visitors thanks to Mancini's Italy

The collection has been bolstered with additional shirts from Jorginho, Barella, Donnarumma and most recently, Chiesa

Monday, July 5, 2021

Boom of Football Museum visitors thanks to Mancini's Italy

Mancini's Italy is not only on full show on TV, with millions of spectators, but also for the thousands of people who have come to the Football Museum at Coverciano to admire the recent shirts of Jorginho, Barella, Donnarumma – the latest arrival being Chiesa’s shirt he wore against Belgium. It is a historical record, as the Museum has never before hosted so many visitors as this weekend.

The visitors came from all over Italy; if we were to rank which cities most visitors came from, we would have Jesi is in first place, followed by Naples, Palermo, Salerno, Perugia, Alessandria, and the list goes on.

The Museums’ visitors even transcended borders; there were Italian families living in the USA who stopped off at the Football Museum, especially at this "historic moment", because "the National Team is our pride and beauty".

Then we find a dad lingering in front of Scirea's 1982 jersey: "Just today, 39 years ago. Who could ever forget Italy's win over Brazil and Paolo Rossi's hat-trick."

Nonno Enzo, though, talks to us about the 1968 Euros win, through the lens of the memorabilia dedicated to it. "So many memories of the Cup. It gives me goosebumps reliving that evening. Giacinto Facchetti’s Number 10 shirt and captain’s armband, hung in the trophy room at the Museum, take me back to the celebrations and embraces we had with family members and to having the Italian flag hung in the window."

The Football Museum tells the story of Italian football, but also the stories of specific men and women who link moments in their lives to historic periods for the National Team. 

Before even entering the Museum, children have had the chance to kick a ball around the Champions Courtyard, where the names of over 800 Azzurri players and coaches from the 111-year history of the Italy team are to be found.