“This shirt is for the Museum of Football.” Cannavaro and a promise kept in 2006

Before the National Team departed for Germany, the captain made a certain promise to Fino Fini, the President of the Museum of Football

Thursday, July 9, 2020

“This shirt is for the Museum of Football.” Cannavaro and a promise kept in 2006

At the end of May 2006, the Azzurri were training at Coverciano with just a few days to go until their departure for Germany, where the upcoming World Cup would be held. During that time, Fabio Cannavaro took advantage of some downtime and paid a visit to the Museum of Football.

The captain was welcomed by the Museum’s President, Fino Fini. It was a relaxed atmosphere, with Fino giving some advice and telling a few anecdotes from the six World Cup tournaments he'd experienced as the National Team doctor. It was a complicated time for the Azzurri: the Calciopoli scandal had rocked Italian football. “Fabio, given the situation, how are you handling things with the tournament just around the corner now?” asked Fini.

“We’re doing well, Fino. The group is united, and we’re convinced that we’ll be able to reach the final in Berlin.” The captain didn’t have any doubts. “The final, Fabio?” replied Fini, surprised by the confident and calm nature of the response he’d just heard. “Absolutely, I’m certain that we’ll get our hands on the World Cup trophy. I’ll make you a promise: when we see each other again after the World Cup, I’ll donate the shirt I wore in the World Cup final to the museum.”

The Italy squad flew to Germany and, on 9 July, became the world champions again, 24 years on from the last time they’d won the trophy on Spanish soil in 1982.

Cannavaro stuck to his promise, donating the shirt he donned in the final when the Azzurri first returned to training at Coverciano after their triumph against France in Berlin.

“Fino, I kept my promise. This shirt is for the Museum of Football.”