Nazionale U20

26 players called up for the Under 20 Elite League match against Poland and for the friendly match against Serbia

The tournament restarts on 2 September in Lomza after last year’s interruption. The friendly with the Serbs will be played in Castel di Sangro on 6 September

Friday, August 27, 2021

26 players called up for the Under 20 Elite League match against Poland and for the friendly match against Serbia

After the last match won in June against the San Marino senior National Team (1-0), the Under 20 National Team returns to the pitch for another two fixtures: Poland in Lomza on 2 September (18.00 CEST), the opening match of the Under 20 Elite League, and a friendly against Serbia on 6 September at the Stadio Teofilo Patini in Castel di Sangro (15.00). Alberto Bollini has called up 26 Azzurrini for the two fixtures that mark this young National Team’s restart in tournament football with their European peers.

The Under 20 Elite League starts again, reaching its fourth year of life: In the last edition, Italy led the rankings thanks to the win over Switzerland (4-2) in November 2019, which would become the last match before the interruption due to the pandemic. The two previous tournaments had been won by Germany (2018) and The Netherlands (2019).

Italy, Poland, England, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, and Norway, is the new line-up of the eight participants (Switzerland and the Netherlands did not re-join and are replaced by Romania and Norway). Poland vs. Italy on 2 September will kick off the new season, while England vs. Germany will close out the tournament on 28 March 2022.

After the match against the Poles, the Azzurrini's journey continues on 7 October against hosts England. Then four consecutive home matches, against Portugal (12 October), Czech Republic (11 November), Romania (15 November) and Germany (24 March 2022). The final match is on 28 March 2022 in Norway.

Squad List

Goalkeepers: Ludovico Gelmi (Feralpisalò), Semuel Pizzignacco (Vicenza), Stefano Turati (Reggina);
Defenders: Tommaso Barbieri (Juventus), Davide Angelo Ghislandi (Turris), Nicolò Armini (Piacenza), Laurens Serpe (Genoa), Christian Dalle Mura (Cremonese), Mattia Viti (Empoli), Matteo Ruggeri (Salernitana), Giorgio Brogni (Feralpisalò);
Midfielders: Edoardo Bove (Roma), Manu Emmanuel Gyabuaa (Perugia), Nikola Sekulov (Juventus), Alessandro Bianco (Fiorentina), Emanuele Zuelli (Juventus), Giuseppe Leone (Juventus), Alessandro Cortinovis (Atalanta), Franco Daryl Tongya Heubang (Olympique Marseille), Alessio Riccardi (Roma), Daniel Maldini (AC Milan);
Forwards: Gianmarco Cangiano (Bologna), Gaetano Pio Oristanio (Volendam), Eddie Anthony Salcedo Mora (Inter), Nicolò Cudrig (Juventus), Giuseppe Di Serio (Benevento).

Staff: Head of Delegation: Evaristo Beccalossi; Head Coach: Alberto Bollini; Secretary: Giulio Massi; Assistant Coach: Enrico Battisti; Athletic Coach: Marco Montini; Goalkeeping Coach: Graziano Vinti; Match Analyst: Francesco Donzella; Nutritionist: Cristian Petri; Medics: Matteo Vitali, Andrea Serdoz, Edoardo Gaj; Physiotherapist: Tommaso Cannata and Andrea Cantera.


Italy Match Calendar - Under 20 Elite League

Poland vs. Italy, 2 September 2021 (Lomza, Poland)

England vs. Italy, 7 October 2021

Italy vs. Portugal, 12 October 2021 (Frosinone, Stadio Benito Stirpe)

Italy vs. Czech Republic, 11 November 2021

Italy vs. Romania, 15 November 2021

Italy vs. Germany, 24 March 2022

Norway vs. Italy, 28 March 2022