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Accreditation procedures open for the UEFA Nations League matches against England and Hungary

From today up until Monday 12 September, it will be possible to apply for accreditation for the matches and the Coverciano training camp scheduled for September. Terms and conditions are published within the Media Area.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Accreditation procedures open for the UEFA Nations League matches against England and Hungary

Media editors are informed that from today until Monday 12 September (12:00 CEST), the media accreditation procedures for the following UEFA Nations League games scheduled for September are open exclusively on the FIGC electronic online system

  • Italy vs. England (Milan, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza – 23 September 2022, 20:45 CEST)
  • Hungary vs. Italy (Budapest, Ferenc Puskàs Aréna – 26 September 2022, 20:45 CEST)

The same procedures and timings are valid for requesting media accreditation for the team's training camp, which is scheduled to begin from 19 September at the Coverciano Federal Technical Centre. 

This procedure is reserved for national and international media pertaining to the ‘Written press’, ‘NRHs broadcaster’ and ‘Photographer’ categories. It is only possible to submit an accreditation request after registering on the FIGC Accreditations portal.

It should be noted that media access in the stadiums as well as organised media activity, respectively on MD-1 and MD, will be regulated according to the UEFA, RTP and FIGC health protection protocols in effect; consequently, the determination of the creditable media quota for each match will be defined according to the actual availability of workstations.

Training camp at Coverciano

Please note that media activities organised at the Federal Technical Centre will be open to just journalists and photographers. Cameras will not be permitted access within the FTC (video journalists and cameramen). The FIGC will provide audio-visual footage and distribute images relating to i) press conferences and ii) daily training sessions.

Press conferences – Audio-visual footage of scheduled activities is centralised by the FIGC and carried out with a technical standard of 3 HD cameras: TLC1 (total); TLC2 (fixed on speaker 1), TLC3 (fixed on speaker 2 or on speaker from audience).

Training sessions – Audio-visual footage of training sessions open to the press will be carried out with 2 HD cameras: TLC1 (wide image from the stands/centre) from an elevated position, TLC2 (closer to the players from the sidelines/centre).

In both cases, a ‘live’ distribution of the Program Mix video signal will be made available to UEFA Nations League Rights Holders, together with an audio effects signal accessible at a distribution wallbox with an embedded HD-SDI signal available on site.

For No-Rights Holder (NRH) broadcasters, access to the images is provided after activation of an audio-visual distribution service. At the end of each press conference and training session, the audio-visual files will be made available via an FTP and can be downloaded by NRH broadcasters who have activated the service.

To activate the service and request images or audio contributions, those interested are invited to contact: Massimiliano Reale (FIGC Area Sales - Implementation Manager):


Please note that media access to the Federal Technical Centre will be regulated according to the current UEFA RTP and FIGC protocols. Any changes and updates will be communicated in due course through the official federal channels.

Please take note of the 'Terms and conditions of accreditation' published within the Media/Info area for editorial staff on the website.