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Azzurrini: coaching staff for men’s youth teams confirmed, Patrizia Panico joins Under-21 staff

The coaching staff for Italy’s age group sides has been announced: Bollini to the U20s, who will play in the elite round of the Under-19 Euros, with the hope of qualifying for the World Cup in Indonesia

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Azzurrini: coaching staff for men’s youth teams confirmed, Patrizia Panico joins Under-21 staff
Patrizia Panico

The coaching staffs for Italy’s age groups have been announced as the teams look ahead to being back in action. The big news: Patrizia Panico, coach of the U15s, will join the coaching staff for the Under-21 side, replacing Mirco Gasparetto under Paolo Nicolato.

Coaches for all seven Italy age group teams are presided over by coordinator Maurizio Viscidi. There have been a few more changes: Alberto Bollini will take over the U20s, who will take to the Veneto for qualifaction for U19 Euro 2020, which was postponed by a year due to COVID-19. The tournament will also serve as qualification for the FIFA Under-20 World Cup 2021 in Indonesia.

Carmine Nunziata moves from the U17s to the U19s, who begin the first konckout stage of their particular European competition in November. Bernardo Corradi takes over the U17s, who are also in contention for a place at their Euros, and will be joined on his staff by Daniele Zoratto, who also coaches the U16s. Daniele Franceschini will take the reins of the U18s.

Alberto Bollini



Under-21: Paolo Nicolato (coach), Mirco Gasparetto, Patrizia Panico (assistants), Vincenzo Pincolini (athletics trainer), Gian Matteo Mareggini (goalkeeping coach)

Under-20: Alberto Bollini (coach), Giovanni Valenti (assistant), Vito Azzone (athletics trainer), Graziano Vinti (goalkeeping coach)

Under-19: Carmine Nunziata (coach), Emanuele Filippini (assistant), Marco Montini (athletics trainer), Fabrizio Ferron (goalkeeping coach)

Under-18: Daniele Franceschini (coach), Elvis Abbruscato (assistant), Mattia Modonutti (athletics trainer), Fabrizio Capodici (goalkeeping coach)

Under-17: Bernardo Corradi (coach), Massimiliano Favo, Daniele Zoratto (assistants), Luca Coppari (athletics trainer), Davide Quironi (goalkeeping coach)

Under-16: Daniele Zoratto (coach), Davide Cei (assistant)

Under-15: Patrizia Panico (coach), Antonio Rocca (assistant)


The Women's youth teams' coaches will be announced in the coming days.