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EURO 2025 qualification: Ferrara's Paolo Mazza to host Norway on 4 June

Following victory in Cosenza against the Netherlands and defeat in Helsinki against Finland, the Azzurre will continue their campaign with a double header against Norway. The last game at the stadium in Emilia was last July, a 0-0 draw with Morocco

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

EURO 2025 qualification: Ferrara's Paolo Mazza to host Norway on 4 June

Ferrara's stadio Paolo Mazza will host Italy vs. Norway, the fourth match in the Women's Euro 2025 qualifying group on Tuesday 4 June at 18:15 CEST. After victory against the Netherlands in Cosenza and defeat in Helsinki by Finland, the Azzurre with have a double header with the Norwegians, with two games played in the space of a few days. In fact, Norway vs. Italy will be played on Friday 31 May (18:00 CEST) at the Ullevaal stadium in Oslo. On Tuesday 4 June, Emilia-Romagna will have Azzurri fever, given that in the evening - with kick-off at 21:00 CEST - the stadio Renato Dall'Ara in Bologna will host the friendly between Men's National team and Turkey.

The Women's National team will play in Ferrara for the seventh time: the last, in chronological order, was a friendly against Morocco last July that ended 0-0 (the only draw and five wins), while the penultimate - in September 2022 against Romania - sealed qualification to the World Cup Finals played the following year. The last Italian National side to play at the Mazza was the Under 21s, who played out a 1-1 draw against Türkiye on March 26.

Finally, the most recent fixture against Norway dates back to February 2022 in the Algarve Cup, where goals from Giacinti and Caruso gave Italy a 2-1 success.