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Fan enthusiasm at Casa Azzurri in Germany

The FIGC president: "We have embarked on a new path in the mentality and style of play, there will be failures along the way"

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Fan enthusiasm at Casa Azzurri in Germany

"It only happens to those who believe. We believe!!!!". With four exclamation points!There was an invasion of fans at Casa Azzurri today, as in recent days, but this time with a banner of encouragement for the national team, two days before the match in Leipzig against Croatia, which closes out Group B at EURO 2024. The FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, before the press conference to present the collaboration between the FIGC and the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, had the opportunity to experience first-hand the enthusiasm felt in Iserlohn, too, and which the defeat against Spain did not affect.

"There's real calmness around the camp," said the FIGC president. "We have great confidence, and the team also has full confidence in their chances. They are training well, both mentally and technically, Spalletti knows what to do; we didn't go jumping around with joy after the victory against Albania nor were we depressed after the defeat against Spain. You also need to have confidence; this is a young team, in some cases with little international experience, and they must be given time to grow and mature. We know the potential of this group is high; we know that we have embarked on a new path in the mentality and style of play. We are well aware that along this path there may be some slip-ups, where we need to get back up. Our improvements will be seen precisely from how we are able to resume our journey."

"We have to deal with what links us to other realities and thigns that we cannot deny" continued Gravina. "The history of a country is not enough to base expectations on: those are created through work and by playing together. As in 2021, I have always said that we are a normal team: to become a special team, we need what is around us, to feel the enthusiasm, the work, the fans' support".

TRAINING: The national team were out training in Iserlohn for thire penultimate session before leaving for Leipzig. Defender Federico Dimarco carried out an individualised programme to get over the after-effects of a whack to his right leg during the match against Spain. The player will be evaluated day by day.