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FIFA Rankings: Italy remain 9th

The Azzurri, after the successes in the friendlies against Venezuela and Ecuador in the USA, remain 9th, ahead of Croatia and behind Spain, opponents in the upcoming European Championships

Thursday, April 4, 2024

FIFA Rankings: Italy remain 9th

Following the double friendly success against Venezuela and Ecuador in the USA at the end of March, Italy remain in 9th place (1724.6 points) in the FIFA Rankings. Leading the list are world champions, Argentina. The Azzurri are a place ahead of Croatia (10th) and behind Spain (8th), both in Italy’s Euro 2024 group. European nations dominate the Ranking, with eight nations from the continent in the top 10. During the last window of the international calendar, 174 games were played. In second place, on the coattails of Argentina remain France, while Belgium have leapfrogged England into third place. Portugal also climb, moving above Netherlands into 6th spot, behind Brazil. Other teams rising in the Rankings include USA (11, +2), Colombia (12, +2), Ukraine (22, +2) and Poland (28, +2). The next FIFA Ranking update is to be published on 20 June.

FIFA Rankings Top 10

1) Argentina 1858 points (-)
2) France 1840.59 (-)
3) Belgium 1795.23 (+1)
4) England 1794.9 (-1)
5) Brazil 1788.65 (-)
6) Portugal 1748.11 (+1)
7) Netherlands 1742.29 (-1)
8) Spain 1727.5 (-)
9) ITALY 1724.6 (-)
10) Croatia 1721.07 (-)