Giancarlo Antognoni celebrates his 70 birthday. “Thanks to the Federation for the surprise”

Celebrated at the headquarters of the Quartiere 2 of the Municipality of Florence, the legendary Fiorentina number 10 received a National Team jersey to commemorate him. Antognoni was a World Cup winner in 1982

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Giancarlo Antognoni celebrates his 70 birthday. “Thanks to the Federation for the surprise”

On 1 April 1954 in Marsciano, Umbria, Giancarlo Antognoni was born. To celebrate the seventy years of this extraordinary midfielder, who tied his career to only two jerseys, that of the Fiorentina and that of the Azzurri, with which he won the 1982 World Cup, an exhibition was inaugurated today at Villa Arrivabene, Florence. The exhibition, dedicated to Antonio, as he is called in the Tuscan capital,  encapsulates the great affection felt for him, and not by only football fans.

Antognoni in azione contro il Perù ai Mondiali di Spagna '82

The arrival of the Captain amidst a throng of people is a sight to be seen, with applause and requests for photos. As always, as every day, Giancarlo Antognoni accommodates and obliges everyone; for every person - for those who grew up in his football legend and for those who today recognise in him, through the passionate stories of older friends and relatives, the myth of the athlete he was - Antognoni dispenses autographs, with an infectious smile that reflects the love of all the people present.

The blue of the National Team and the purple of Fiorentina merge in the memory of the number ten who marked the history of over a decade of our football. The organisational secretary of Club Italia, Mauro Vladovich, hands him a National Team jersey with his last name, 'Antognoni', above the number 70. "Thank you, thank you so much for the affection..." Giancarlo repeated, visibly moved, while continuing to look around with shining eyes: "Every time I wake up in the morning and go out of the house, Antognoni continues,  the people of Florence show me their love. Every day I reap what I have sown in my football career. I didn't expect this surprise from the Federation, really beautiful...".

“Giancarlo Antognoni” Vladovich emphasised, “is the testimony of the passion for football. Those who love this sport wear only two jerseys: that of the National Team and that of their own club”.

Giancarlo Antognoni in posa al Museo del Calcio accanto alla sua maglia

Career at the Museo del Calcio. Giancarlo Antognoni made 73 appearances for the Azzurri between 20 November 1974 and 16 November 1983, scoring 7 goals. A World Cup champion in 1982, he was a cornerstone of Bearzot's team, playing in all the matches except for the final, from which he was absent due to injury. He also participated in the final stages of the World Cup in Argentina in 1978 and the European Championship in 1980 hosted by Italy. The Azzurri finished fourth in both tournaments.

At the Museo del Calcio, Coverciano, there are numerous relics that tell the extraordinary career of Antognoni, from the boots worn during the ‘82 World Cup in Spain, to the jersey from the same World Cup. After hanging up his boots, Antognoni served for several years as the head of delegation for the National youth teams.