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Mancini: “Win the next two and we qualify”

The head coach: “They're strong, but we had more chances”. Donnarumma: “The important thing was not to lose”

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mancini: “Win the next two and we qualify”

On opportunity wasted. Though Roberto Mancini is ready to look ahead: “Win our next two games and we qualify. We knew it would be a tough game. The Netherlands made some changes; they played with an extra defender, and beyond that they’re a strong team. Could we have had a better attitude? There are some opponents that cause issues, this can happen - but hasn’t happened to us in quite a while. It was a hard-fought game on both side. We attacked and so did they, but I think we had more clear-cut chances. So it’s ok, it’s normal.”

A thoughtful Mancini also spoke of the city of Bergamo, which hosted the Azzurri for this first time in 14 years and enjoyed this 90 minutes of football for their optimism and strength during a tough period: “The performance was good, strong - it was a great game. We’re pleased to play here in Bergamo. We’re upset that we didn’t win but we’re happy for the spectators and mayors of the province. It was a great evening.”

Though this does leave a slight bitter taste in the mouth. “We could’ve done more,” Spinazzola explained, “and made it 2-0. But we’ll score more as we go. They defended well today, and their midfield and attack have some quality players. Now we need to beat Poland, we’ll work hard to do it.”

And Donnarumma underlined: “We needed to do well and win in front of the home crowd, but the game was tough and we didn’t manage it. We had more chances and didn’t take them, but the important thing was not to lose. It’s not a step backwards, because the Netherlands are a good team. Now we need to win our next two games.”