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The Azzurre back together. Bertolini: “Two decisive matches coming up”

The Head Coach has called up Pandini, Simonetti and Cinotti to replace the injured Cernoia and Bartoli and Caruso, both of whom have tested positive for Covid

Monday, November 22, 2021

The Azzurre back together. Bertolini: “Two decisive matches coming up”

“Organisation, being a unit and by all the players displaying a spirit of sacrifice: this is how great results can be achieved.” Milena Bertolini outlined the path that her players need to follow ahead of their upcoming fixtures against Switzerland and Romania on Friday 26 and Tuesday 30 November – the team’s final two of the year. It’s a critical juncture in the Azzurre’s World Cup qualifying campaign given that “together with the Swiss and the Romanians, we’re one of three teams fighting for the top two spots in the group.”

It won’t be an easy mission, and it’s been made more complicated by Italy’s absences: in addition to Valentina Cernoia, who picked up an injury in the Women’s Champions League, Bertolini will have to do without Elisa Bartoli and Arianna Caruso, both of whom tested positive for Covid yesterday evening. “It’ll be an intense week where important players will be missing, but we’re not out of touch with the reality we’re living in.” The Head Coach has replaced the trio with Inter players Maria Teresa Pandini and Flaminia Simonetti, as well as Empoli’s Norma Cinotti.

At 17:30 CET on Friday, the Azzurre will have the support of the Palermo crowd against Switzerland: “I’m happy that we’re back in the south. Here, there’s a lot of potential for women’s football, and many young girls, whether that’s for cultural or infrastructure reasons, haven’t continued on their journey in football. The National Team must also serve to promote the whole movement in the south.

Finally, Bertolini commented on Juventus’ excellent recent away victory over Wolfsburg: “I congratulated the Juventus girls. It was a historic match for women’s football in Italy: finally, our teams are starting to compete on an equal footing with European giants.”

Squad list

Goalkeepers: Francesca Durante (Inter), Laura Giuliani (Milan), Katja Schroffenegger (Fiorentina);
 Valentina Bergamaschi (Milan), Lisa Boattin (Juventus), Lucia Di Guglielmo (Roma), Sara Gama (Juventus), Martina Lenzini (Juventus), Elena Linari (Roma), Cecilia Salvai (Juventus), Angelica Soffia (Roma);
 Norma Cinotti (Empoli), Manuela Giugliano (Roma), Giada Greggi (Roma), Maria Teresa Pandini (Inter), Martina Rosucci (Juventus), Flaminia Simonetti (Inter);
 Barbara Bonansea (Juventus), Agnese Bonfantini (Juventus), Valentina Giacinti (Milan), Cristiana Girelli (Juventus), Benedetta Glionna (Roma), Valeria Pirone (Roma), Annamaria Serturini (Roma).

Schedule (all times CET unless stated otherwise)

Monday 22 November
13:00 Press conference – Head Coach
15:00 Training

Tuesday 23 November
10:00 Training
15:00 Training

Wednesday 24 November
10:00 Training
17:15 Flight to Palermo

Thursday 25 November
14:45 Press conference at the Stadio Renzo Barbera – Head Coach and captain
15:45 Training

Friday 26 November

Saturday 27 November
10:30 Training

Sunday 28 November
10:30 Training
17:00 Departure for Bucharest

Monday 29 November
18:30 l.t. Training at the Stadionul Anghel Iordănescu in Voluntari (Bucharest)

Tuesday 30 November
18:30 l.t. ROMANIA VS. ITALY

Subsequent transfer to the airport in Bucharest and return to respective clubs


Group 2 standings
Switzerland (4 games played) and Italy (4) 12 points; Romania (3) 6; Moldova (2), Lithuania (3) and Croatia (4) 0

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22 November 2021

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22 November 2021